Wild Side

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Singer Brian Justin Crum is back with his new single Wild Side. Crum shot to stardom after appearing on the eleventh season of America’s Got Talent as a Top 4 finalist and sailed to No. 2 on the Billboard dance charts with his cover of Robyn‘s Show Me Love.

The video for Wild Side includes archival footage depicting gay conversion therapy.

“It is important that we acknowledge how far we have come from the archaic time when LGBTQ people were sent to mental hospitals and psychiatric wards to find a cure for their ‘sickness,’ but we still have so far to go. We need to have a healthy attitude towards consensual sex amongst partners. I hope this song opens up that dialogue so members of the LGBTQ community no longer feel shame for their sexual expression,” he explains.


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Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard got behind the camera with friend and former Vine star Josh Ovalle for a western-themed music video set to the song Sonora by Spendtime Palace.

Drawing inspiration from Clint Eastwood Westerns, as well as Steven Spielberg’s classic early kid-focused suburban classics like The Goonies, they hit the mean streets of Costa Mesa, California for three days, to tell a sweet story of teenage love threatened by a classic mean dad.