Dear Diary *1

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I’m going to try something new and post a few personal update posts every once in a while. Nothing exciting (or too delicate), just a quick rundown of what I’m up to lately. I know the vast majority of people come here for the twink pics and not much else and that’s cool but judging by some of the very sweet mails I get every now and then there might be some of you out there who care 😊

What I’m watching

I gave in to the hype and tried Succession but didn’t make it past the third episode. It just relies too much on second-hand embarrassment, something I always have a hard time to deal with. Probably why I never got into The Office :(

Gentleman Jack

So instead I started Gentleman Jack which I am thoroughly enjoying so far which isn’t a great surprise considering my obsession with period dramas. I’m also re-watching Voyager. I haven’t seen it since I was tiny and it’s such a joy, I completely forgot how funny the show actually was and it’s such a nice change of pace from the super intense TV of today.

Last film I’ve seen was Ready or Not. I watched it with some friends and we had a great time. Horror and comedy is probably my favourite mix when it comes to films (I basically don’t watch anything that isn’t horror anymore for some years now) and this one delivered. “You continue to exist” will remain my favourite greeting for some time to come! :D

FFS Emilie!

What I’m listening to

Heilung! So much of it! Heilung is a German word meaning “cure” and that is exactly what their music is. Go out into nature, lay down in the grass and listen to them. They’ll cure you of any idea you might have about magic not being real, time travel not being possible or shrooms not being something that can be consumed through your ears ;) They’re also quite the show live!

Also lots of Rabbit Junk! I’m not sure how to describe it. Digital Hardcore apparently? It just sounds very urban vampire twink and it the perfect music to properly wake up in the morning and pretend the world isn’t a scary as fuck.

What I’m playing

The new Path of Exile league started earlier this month so my friends & I are playing that a bunch. If you don’t know the game, it’s a Diablo-kinda hack’n’slash action RPG. You build a character, level up, kill monsters, get loot, rinse, repeat. I’m playing a Toxic Rain Pathfinder called FujoshiFlower and so far I’m having a great time. Once that one is done I’m probably gonna try a Cast on Crit Detonate Dead Cyclone Necromancer.

My current PoE character trying to look as fab as the celestial kitty

Other than that I’m playing some GTA with SuperSolidSquid and we also recently got into and very much enjoy 7 Days to Die. It’s kinda clunky, looks like a game from 2009 and I’m missing a lot of the QoL features from Rust but the fact that it’s PvE makes it a whole lot less stressy than the latter. And what could be more christmas-y than fighting off horde after horde of cop zombies puking on you!

Such a pretty car, such awful handling

Blog Stuff

There are so many cool photos, videos and other things on here that many people will never see because they were posted years ago and no one got time to go through hundreds of pages of this blog and look at everything.

I’d like to make some old content more visible without having to re-post it, especially because that always annoys some “veterans” who’ve seen those posts before. I considered some kind of featured post plugin that puts one random old post (from a pool of good ones I tagged before as worthy of necromancy) on the front page of the blog but couldn’t find any yet that I’m happy with. I’ll keep looking tho and try to at least work that into the new blog design.

That’s it for now, thanks everyone who had the patience to read this! It kind of turned more into a media rundown than a diary entry but that’s what I felt like sharing, in the future I’ll probably post some more personal stuff too if you want me to. Hope you get into the new year all well and healthy, thanks for sticking with me! <3

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You might have noticed a few more referral links than usual lately. Here’s why: I worked for a friend until last month who very generously offered me a job last year. He’s now in the middle of moving to a different country though which means that I’m currently job hunting again.

So I’m basically relying on milkboys right now to pay rent, bills and other expenses. If you feel like supporting me in this, you can do that by watching porn ;) If you use the links below to sign up on either Helix Studios or 8teenboy I get a (really decent) share of all payments you make to them!

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Paxton is one of the many cute models at Helix

Alternatively you can of course donate directly and get a milkboys supporter account as the cherry on top to see the exclusive supporter posts I’m sprinkling in on a regular basis :)

Don’t hesitate to mail me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Thank you so, so much for your support! <3

Help me change my name? <3

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Hey! It has almost been a year (dang) since I “came out” as trans. It was something I definitely wouldn’t have seen coming just a few years ago even though looking back it’s seems silly that I didn’t know long ago.

I was worried about how people around me would react and while the process wasn’t always easy I never regretted it for a second because I’m feeling a lot more like myself now.

Some of you amazing people helped me with an aspect of the whole ordeal that I would have never been able to handle otherwise by supporting me with donations towards paying for some of the things that come with transitioning.

I can actually afford voice training now and I can pay for some medical stuff. And getting some clothes that help with passing isn’t something I have to put off forever anymore.

One thing that turned out to be a lot more expensive than I anticipated (and not covered by insurance) is officially changing my first name. It would mean the world to be able to say “Hey, I’m Emilie” and not worry about the inevitable awkward moments that happen when that name doesn’t match my ID card, official documents or just the name on my mailbox.

I know I’m the worst because I come back to you again for help but if you like what I do and have some change you won’t miss… it would go a long way!

You can donate here <3

Disclaimer: This is not directly related to milkboys. The hosting for the site is covered. It’s not going anywhere. This is supporting me personally so if you think I’m doing a good job with milkboys feel free but certainly not obliged to help me out <3 That being said, if you don’t have a supporter account here and would like one, I’d be happy to set one up for you if you donate :)

Supporter Account Changes

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We’re going to use one-time donations instead of Patreon from now on. This should be easier for supporters because you don’t have to grapple with a monthly subscription that you might forget about.

You can just pay once for any number of months you’d like to have access to supporter features in advance and then not worry about it anymore. It also lets me offer you discounts :)

If you’d like to get a supporter account to see the regular exclusive supporter posts you can donate here:

Donate to get a Supporter Account

Here’s what the different donations will get you:

$3 — One month supporter account. So if you donate $6 you’ll get two months, $9 will get you three months and so on. Super simple!

$30 — One year supporter account. You get two months for free! $60 will get you two years and so on.

$100 — Lifetime supporter account. You’ll get an account that never expires. This blog is running for 12 years now so this should be worth it ;)

$200 — Everything over $200 will get you a lifetime account, a link of your choice in the sidebar (as long as it’s legal and in line with the values of this site) and you can have my nudes if you’re into that kinda stuff :p

I’m working on more benefits for supporters that I’m hoping to introduce after the milkboys relaunch next month.

If you used Patreon to support the site before: I’ll go through the list of Patreon supporters over the next few days and will make sure that you will keep your supporter account for as long as your lifetime Patreon payments would have paid for so no one wastes any money.

Thanks for your support!

Photos: Dima Sedgwick

Fresh Juice

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As I mentioned before, I’m working on a relaunch of milkboys with a new design. Part of the new concept is that I’d like to have all content in one place so you don’t have to check different sites to see everything I want to share with you ;)

Everything from juiceboys will move over to this site. I won’t show the juiceboys posts on the frontpage of milkboys (or the milkboys RSS feed for that matter) because I know not everyone appreciates that kind of heavy dose of porn but you can click on the juiceboys button in the top navigation to see the posts. I’ll also redirect the domain there in a few days.

Over the next few days I’ll move some of the best pictures and videos from juiceboys over to the new (sub) blog.  That means you might have already seen some of them before but I’ll make sure to mix in new stuff as well.

If you have a supporter account on juiceboys, you can use your milkboys log-in from now on to see supporter posts on juiceboys.

I will also launch a completely new sub blog in a few days which will be a bit different ;) But more about that later!



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The new NSFW sideblog is finally up and running! I will post there at least twice a day and as promised I will post some extra eye candy for milkboys supporters on a regular basis. The design is a placeholder, I’ll get on that over the coming days but the content will start dropping from now on so I hope you’ll enjoy the twinks because I have a lot of them to share with you ;)

check out juiceboys

Status Update

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Hey everyone, just a quick update on what’s going on and keeping me busy at the moment: I wanted to get the new NSFW blog online over the weekend but didn’t get around to it. We’re currently having some technical problems with the new server we moved milkboys to and I was busy trying to fix those, sadly without much success.

You probably noticed that the site is painfully slow sometimes and not all features are working as intended (comment editing, the RSS feed etc). I already had the host look into it, they did some optimisations but couldn’t fix the general unresponsiveness either. I’m trying to find a web dev who can take a look at the site and maybe figure out what the problem is. In worst case I’ll try to upgrade the server and see if that helps.

I’ll hopefully manage to get the new site online within the next few days anyway but please be patient with me. We’re having close to 40° here on a daily basis and I’m dealing with some other important life issues at the same time. I’m doing what I can but it’s all pretty exhausting, I’m sure many of you can relate.

gifs from a Helix Studios video

Server Move

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In preparation for the launch of the new milkboys NSFW blog I moved the site to a new server. I’m not gonna bore you with the technical details but if you know a bit how this stuff works, you’ll know that a new server comes with a new IP and that some DNS servers take a while to update until they point our domain to the new IP.

This is why some of you couldn’t access the site for a few hours yesterday. I realise now that I should have told you that beforehand ;) But for the future: If the site is offline and you want to know when it’s back, the quickest way to check is our Twitter.

I also post some random cuties and interesting queer news over there. Plus you won’t miss any blog posts! Another way to find out what’s up would be the milkboys community. That has comes with the upside that you can hang out with other milkies if you have some time to kill ;)

milkboys twitter    milkboys community

Hang out with us!

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Did you know that we have a community on Discord? Come hang out, if you’ve got nothing else to do. It can run in your browser so no downloads needed.

 milkboys community



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Quick reminder that you should follow milkboys on Twitter 💙 Not only is it the best way to make sure you don’t miss any posts, you’ll also get some bonus cuties, queer news bites, links to interesting articles and so on!