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I founded milkboys when I was a queer teenager myself, frustrated with the lack of online resources available to me and my friends. Most LGBT sites are catering to “gay men”. Not bisexuals or trans teens or even queer allies.

I wanted a site that speaks to everyone on our broad & colourful queer spectrum. A place where you can feel at home, meet people, read about how the society & politics around us are changing and having an impact on our daily lives but also have the option to just look at pretty people for a while without feeling judged.

milkboys in its current form is going into its 9th year now and I’d love to make it grow, more colourful, entertaining and more accessible to people who still have a hard time finding a place online where they can just be.

If you support this project you will enable me to spend more time working on milkboys, update the site a lot more often than currently possible and create more original content (photos, videos, articles and so on).

Thank you for your loyalty & incredibly generous support over the years!


As a thank you for checking out this page we have some actual milkboys for you below, kindly provided by Austin, Milo & Joel! Thanks to them & all donors! <3

all models were 18 or older when the photos above were made; all photos used & published with their consent