Eurovision 2019

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Eurovision was a bit of a letdown this year. Even for a show that many people watch because of, not despite, the questionable quality of some of the entries, the average quality of the songs was very… average.

I’m happy that the Dutchies won but their song, performed by bisexual singer Duncan Laurence, was not exactly a super hit. Italy and Sweden were solid. Cyprus was actually pretty good. But the only performance that really managed to stand out was Iceland.

The queer, anti-capitalist punk/metal/industrial band Hatari delivered the only memorable moment of the show–as well as a mini scandal that made the organisers visibly nervous.

Sending this kind of song to Eurovision and not shying away from using the massive publicity the contest attracts with its 200 million viewers to make a statement was a bold choice.

See you next year in the Netherlands then! In the meantime an American version of Eurovision seems to be in the works. Of course by a bunch of Swedes, makes sense ;) (If you’re not a regular ESC watcher: Swedish song writers usually pen half of the songs performed at the contest).


Inside the school for trans kids

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A school believed to be the first in the world predominantly for transgender children and their siblings opened in Chile last year. It is named after the Mexican transgender politician Amaranta Gómez Regalado, and caters for children aged between 6 and 17.

Many of the students dropped out of their previous schools once they began to transition. They learn traditional subjects like maths, science, history, English and art and take part in state exams.

Kiss Me Softly

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Seventeen-year-old Jasper lives in a small, grey town in a family dominated by his dad, a singer called Lukkie Luk. Jasper’s life takes a sudden turn when he is kissed by a friend. And it’s that very kiss that gives him just the spark that he needs while helping him to accept who he really is.

Homophobes extremely upset over drag kid in Converse ad

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Earlier this week Converse announced that they partnered up with the drag queen Desmond is Amazing for a campaign advertising their new pride sneakers.

Within hours conservative commentators were calling for a boycott of the brand. Some even urged their audience to call Child Protective Services and ask them to investigate Desmond’s parents for child abuse.

“The conservative media is up in arms about Desmond being featured in Converse’s new Pride campaign,” Desmond’s mother said. “They are suggesting that Converse promotes pedophilia.”

The family was investigated by CPS for several months earlier this year because people kept reporting Desmond’s parents every time he made a public appearance. The CPS reports found no abuse or maltreatment.

Meanwhile Desmond said that he is proud to be part of the campaign. “He is spreading the message that it is okay for kids to explore their identity and express themselves, without shame, without hiding.” his mother added.

A Song for your Mixtape

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A young gay man arrives at a party full of kids he’s known since he was little. But they’re all strangers now. He feels he doesn’t belong. He’s only there for one reason, one person. The guy he loves; the guy who left him.

Pink Boy

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An intimate portrait of a gender-creative kid growing up in conservative rural Florida. Butch lesbian BJ successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she adopted Jeffrey, who to her shock, starts to dance in gowns and perform for the family.