Far-right “journalist” tries to get transphobic statements out of students, fails spectacularly

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The gun lobby’s poster child and InfoWars ‘journalist’ Kaitlin Bennett attempted to draw university students into transphobic arguments for her website, but it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Bennett is best known for her pro-gun and anti-abortion stance, first gaining media attention for strolling round her university campus with an AR-10 rifle like the perfectly ordinary human she is.

Her repertoire now includes transgender women, who she believes are “predators”. With this in mind she recently released a series of bizarre videos in which she tried and failed to harangue people into confirming her anti-trans views. Read on…

Undress Me

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When Micke meets Mikaela on a night out, he is immediately attracted to her, as he can sense that there’s something different about her. When Mikaela explains that she is trans he gets confused, aggressive and also curious. Undress Me examines and challenges our perceptions of gender.


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Given follows a band called The Seasons, looking for their shot at fame. Guitarist Ritsuka one day stumbles into his shy classmate Mafuyu who is often seen clutching a guitar. After being convinced to teach him to actually play that guitar, Ritsuka finds a lot of hidden talent within Mafuyu, along with a certain bubbly feeling that he himself can’t seem to explain.

After bassist Haruki and drummer Akihiko give their OK to let the shy kid join their band, Mafuyu slowly begins to open up about his feelings and emotions, even when his past catches up to him.

Unlike most boys love series, Given doesn’t put the focus on the queer aspects of the characters. If anything, the framing of the characters’ romance interests is presented as completely normal which is a refreshing approach.

Instead, the real focus of the series is entirely on the friends and the music they attempt to create. This helps to convey a better and more coherent story, to the point where it pretty much grounds itself in reality rather than something that people might consider fan service.

You can watch Given for free on Crunchyroll (regional restrictions may apply).


Neflix’ Sex Education is back and features a gay love triangle

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Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for the new season of Sex Education. In its first season the British comedy-drama was unapologetic in just how fumbling and awkward growing up and exploring sexuality as a teen can be.

And it seems like the show is steamier than it ever has been before for its hotly-anticipated second season which according to the trailer will feature a gay love triangle. Sex Education is set to return to Netflix on January 17 with eight new episodes.

Boys Village

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The Boys’ Village was once a holiday home for coalminers’ sons, boasting a pool, sports yards and even a chapel of its own. Not much remains of its former glory, though. Shattered glass and debris are all over the place; graffiti on the walls. There are countless trap falls and opportunities for injury. This is a parent’s nightmare and yet it can be heaven on earth for a certain kind of child. It more or less is for Kevin. He has been eleven years old for quite some time now. Has it been years or decades?