I’m With You

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This video of the heartwarming moment a dad found his son wearing make-up for the first time is a bit older but I recently saw it again and thought I’ll share it because we can all do with some good vibes right now.

Originally uploaded by Daniel in 2020, when he was 18, the video found footing online a year later after popular TikTok re-posts of it racked up millions of views.


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Directed by Anthony Rangel Coll, short film ‘aBloom’ follows Nick. After undergoing gay conversion therapy, Nick returns home determined to move on from his former partner. While spending time with his friends, he meets a mysterious stranger whose gaze ignites a spark within him.

Nick struggles to reconcile his true self with the expectations of those around him, but the stranger’s presence forces him to confront his deepest desires. Nick swims between embracing his true self and drowning in a lie. The strange visit of the past and the sweet gaze of this stranger will finally make him sink to the bottom of his heart and be reborn.


Eurovision 2023

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Well, my frustration with the votes at Eurovision continues. After being upset of last year’s lack of popular votes for Australia, at least my friend group agrees that Germany was absolutely robbed this year…

The show was opened by the above absolute bop by Teya & Salena competing for Austria (The video might be blocked in the US, you can check it out the song here instead). The song’s not only a hell of an earworm, it also has an important message about the shitty treatment many artists get from the music industry. Which might be part of the reason why it didn’t do well with the juries which mostly consist of the people being addressed with that message…

Another notable entry was, of course, Loreen who won Eurovision for Sweden before. The rumour is that it’s no coincidence that she entered this year because Eurovision organisers are probably not mad at having the event in Sweden next year when ABBA, who started their career at the ESC, are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Anyway, Tattoo (Americans, click here)  is a good song but it’s no Euphoria.

The real fun started when the crowd’s clear favourite and winner of the popular vote Käärijä performed Cha Cha Cha (Americans… you know the drill by now). I love Loreen but come on, this is exactly what Eurovision is about: Representing your country with a banger you’re not gonna get out of your head for a long time to come and giving the world a hell of a show while not taking yourself too seriously. Alas the jury disagreed somewhat and the song ended up as tonight’s runner up.

The real tragedy of the evening though was that Germany sent an absolute banger for the first time… ever, just to get the cold shoulder from both the juries and the people voting from home. Lord of the Lost with Blood & Glitter (Americans, this way). I’m kind of devastated that the little bit of goth representation we got earned so little appreciation. But that’s what being outsiders for you. There are still a lot of people very proud of you guys <3

In the end Sweden and Norway got us two bisexual artists in the top 5, Germany and the UK placed where they always do, Australia didn’t get as many points as they should have, Estonia proved ballads at Eurovision can actually be nice and everyone kind of agrees that we should just get rid of jury votes.

See you in Sweden, next year, can’t wait to find out why we’ll be upset then!

The “Bury Your Gays” Trope

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The “Bury Your Gays” trope is the presentation of deaths of LGBT characters where these characters are nominally able to be viewed as more expendable than their heterosexual counterparts. In this way, the death is treated as exceptional in its circumstances.

In aggregate, queer characters are more likely to die than straight characters. Indeed, it may be because they seem to have less purpose compared to straight characters, or that the supposed natural conclusion of their story is an early death. But where did this trope come from?