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‘A teenager like any other, Andri spends his time playing sports, learning to play the keyboard and hanging out with his friends. The exterior appearance is only that however, an appearance. His smile is forced, his laughter is rigid. He’s playing a role, a role passed on to him by society. As Andri’s desire for who he truly wants to be increases, the pressure builds…’

Written by director Rúnar Thor, HANN is a story of adolescence and the, perhaps unintended, pressures from society to stay within the confines of normality. A powerful story inspired by Rúnar’s own experiences with acceptance and the long journey it may sometimes take for us to come to terms with who we are.

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The One You Never Forget

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A 14-year-old boy excitedly prepares for his first dance, but when his date arrives he’s faced with a split-second decision.

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3 queer anime worth checking out

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Hitorijime My Hero

Disillusioned teenager Masahiro Setagawa gets into trouble after his peers encourage him to join a gang, and the other gang members bully and treat him like their errand boy. He nearly reaches his breaking point until a street fighter and teacher named Kousuke Ooshiba (known as the “Bear Killer”) steps in and defends him. As the two get close, they start to fall in love. Meanwhile, Setagawa’s best friend starts falling for the most popular boy at school — will it end it romance or just drama?

Love Stage

Love Stage is a  rom-com and a coming of age tale following Izumi Sena, a college student who wants to be a manga artist. Unfortunately, he’s not very good at drawing, and surrounded by his talented older brother, his actress mother and his business-minded father, Sena feels pressured to excel. The pressure begins to build when he realizes that he has feelings for Ryoma, a handsome actor who he knew as a child. The only problem is that Sena isn’t sure if Ryoma shares his feelings, or if he can even tell him.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom Into You)

When freshman high schooler Yuu Koito sees student council president Touko Nanami, turn down a romantic offer, Nanami confides to Koito that she has never felt any serious emotional attraction to boys. But as their friendship matures, Nanami realizes that she might be falling in love with Koito.