The view on homosexuality in 1980s Sunderland is more diverse than you might think

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A TV clip from 1980 showing people of Sunderland sharing their views on homosexuality reveals that public opinion was more divided than one might think. The footage was filmed a year before the first case of AIDS in the UK, and seven years before the introduction of Thatcher’s anti-gay Section 28 legislation in schools.

This era was notorious for demonising LGBT+ people, but the TV clip suggests public opinion at the beginning of the decade may have been more nuanced. Locals from the town in north-east England were asked: “What does homosexuality mean to you?”

Just make guns gay already

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Despite overwhelming evidence from every other country in the world that strict gun laws are the only way to prevent mass shootings, the Unites States insist on doing literally anything but restricting their citizens from owning military-grade firearms.

Schools are built with spots to hide from attackers, kindergarten kids undergo active shooter drills, teachers bring guns to the class room when teaching 8-year-olds and so on and on. Everything but gun laws.

Maybe it’s time to try something else. It’s almost always straight, white men committing these attacks. And they’re almost always very concerned about not being perceived as many men. So how about… making guns gay?

A Handshake

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Léo and Baptiste go to the same school but don’t know each other yet. When they meet the first time, a passing handshake evokes a daydream for Baptiste. Turn on subtitles in the bottom right corner of the player if they’e not on by default.