Like Cattle Towards Glow

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Films that are a bit out there are your thing? Major film studios trying to be edgy by putting some tweens into an R-rated film and have them say fuck a bunch doesn’t cut it? No problem, Dennis Cooper got you covered.

Like Cattle Towards Glow by Cooper and visual artist Zac Farley is a collection of short stories exploring the darker side of teen sexuality. And it’s not holding back. Read more…

Drag Kids

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TV veteran Megan Wennberg has spent most of her career working as a script supervisor on shows like Quantico and Trailer Park Boys, as well as directing several short films. Now, what began as a short television documentary turned into a full feature documentary: Drag Kids.

The documentary  focuses on four young drag queens from around the world: Stephan/Laddy Gaga from Spain; Jason/Susan Bee Anthony from the US; Bracken, a female hyperqueen in Canada and fellow Canadian Nemis/Queen Lactatia.

The pint-sized drag troupe comes together to learn from one another and perform during a Montreal Pride event, and plenty of glittering, heel-wearing hijinks ensue.

Drag Kids had its stateside debut at NewFest in New York earlier this week and a wide release will follow next year (I’ll post it here of course if it should become available for free).