Are haptic vests another step towards immersive VR sex?

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A new vest that allows you to feel over 30 different sensations while taking part in a virtual reality (VR) experience has got us wondering about its potential in the sextech field. Created by the Spanish tech company OWO Game, the device is billed as a ‘haptic vest’ – haptic meaning related to touch. The Lycra vest is battery-powered, wireless, and can deliver sensations to ten different sections of the wearer’s upper body.

While wearable items that deliver bodily sensations in gaming and VR aren’t particularly new, these new vests appear far more slimline than anything currently on the market. Many existing models are bulky, and look more like Laser Quest vests than anything you might wear in day to day life.

OWO Game is marketing its product as a gaming and VR accessory rather than anything to do with sex. Sensations the vest is designed to replicate include hugs, wind, rain, fast driving, punches and gunshots: the latter two effects being among those we hope aren’t as realistic as the ‘hug’ sensation.

The haptic vest and the sensations it delivers can be controlled by an app the company has designed to be paired with the device. It’s not on sale yet, but OWO Game is allowing you to sign up for a pre-order.

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How to clean your sex toys

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You gotta do it, man. No matter how drunk, lazy, or Ben Affleck Dunkin Donuts #sad you’re feeling: You must clean your sex toys. Which… goes without saying, right? Right. [Slides cum-crusted Fleshlight under bed.] We know you know this, but in case you’re one of the 28 percent of people who Adam & Eve reported don’t clean their sex toys after every use, please pull up a chair with your dildo of choice.

Your genitals are precious cargo. Flailing, exuberant flaps and schlongs that feel everything, for better or for worse. I can’t tell you how many times a poorly cleaned/prepped dildo has thrown off my vaginal pH—if a vibrator has even the slightest bit of floof on it, I’ll get prickly, painful cobweb pussy. Dusty. Feels like brambles up there.

Anyways. The thing about cleaning your sex toys is that it’s just as easy to do well as it is to screw up. The first step is to make sure you’re not purchasing low-quality toys made with phthalates, which have been dubbed a “human carcinogen.”

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Anal toys for beginners

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Anal play isn’t like cornhole. It takes more training—an ongoing rehearsal dinner of fingers, toys, more fingers, and conversations with both yourself and your partner(s) about what feels good—and what can feel even better.

“If you’re up for it, try anal training four or five times a week, keeping the toy (a plug or movement with a dildo) in for 10 to 15 minutes,” explains Archie Bongiovanni in “How to train up your butt for anal sex of all kinds.”

Every sphincter is a star. Every pursed bumhole, a possibility. “Not only do they look great,” says Bongiovanni, “but they’re also full of nerve endings, meaning anal sex can result in some bomb orgasms.” With a a lot of self-love, lube, and some anal education, you, too, can get there.

As Bongiovanni explains, you actually have two sphincters in your butt: “an inner one that you can’t control, and an outer sphincter that can be taught to relax, to open, to let pleasure in.” It takes time to show that outer one how to have a good time, and to help it grow accustomed to accommodating big stuff.

PLEASE: Don’t stick just anything up there. Your inner sphincter is a powerful, wonderful part of your body that can suck up whatever goes in like a sandworm in Dune. That means having a “flare” or wider handle/end to the part of your butt plug that doesn’t go inside of you is essential. No one wants to be the guy who butt-births a bottle of Garnier Fructis at the ER.

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How to train up your butt for anal sex of all kinds

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Butts are wonderful. Not only do they look great, but they’re also full of nerve endings, meaning anal sex can result in some bomb orgasms. But, as pleasurable as penetration can be, butts need to be warmed up first—anyone who has started their anal journey knows you can’t just jump fist-first into a hole.

“Anal training” refers to the steps to getting you and your anus prepared and happy to receive butt sex by gradually stretching it with fingers and toys, little by little and over time. Training, luckily, is part of the fun of all things anal—and it can be done solo or with partners.

Your anus consists of two sphincters: an inner one that you can’t control, and an outer sphincter that can be taught to relax, to open, to let pleasure in. As your body gets more accustomed to various sizes of toys, you can move on to bigger toys or body parts as you wish. Whether your anal dream is full-on penetrative butt sex or just getting more comfortable with using fingers or plugs, I’m here to explain how to gently romance your butt into opening wide. Anal training takes time, practice and patience (and a lot of lube), but the rewards are so worth it.

What you’ll need

As you start your butt journey, keep in mind that every butt is different. What might be one person’s starting point might be another’s end goal. The amount of time it’ll take to move from a single finger or a smaller toy to a larger-sized toy or anal sex is going to be just as unique as your perfect tush. However, broadly speaking: The more you play and the more your body gets used to the sensations, the faster you’ll be able to train up your butt.

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Your cock is mine now: Hacker locks web-connected chastity cage

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A hacker took control of people’s internet-connected chastity cages and demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it.

“Your cock is mine now,” the hacker told one of the victims, according to a screenshot of the conversation obtained by a security researcher that goes by the name Smelly and is the founder of vx-underground, a website that collects malware samples.

In October of last year, security researchers found that the manufacturer of an Internet of Things chastity cage—a sex toy that users put around their penis to prevent erections that is used in the BDSM community and can be unlocked remotely—had left an API exposed, giving malicious hackers a chance to take control of the devices. That’s exactly what happened, according to a security researcher who obtained screenshots of conversations between the hacker and several victims, and according to victims interviewed by Motherboard.

A victim who asked to be identified only as Robert said that he received a message from a hacker demanding a payment of 0.02 Bitcoin (around $750 today) to unlock the device. He realized his cage was definitely “locked,” and he “could not gain access to it.”

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