The secret to Troye Sivan’s pop stardom is his YouTube past

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It can be tricky to be a pop star in 2023. Unless you’re on the level of Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, you typically have to cater to your label’s demands. To actually be able to release your own work, you need to generate a viral TikTok hit, build social media buzz, or have some alternate form of success.

This shifting economy has hampered iconic pop legends like Kim Petras, Charli XCX, and Lana Del Rey, all of whom have immense catalogs that they have struggled to put out due to label restrictions and massive pre-release leaks.

That makes Troye Sivan’s stardom something of a high-wire act. The pop star has long been a quadruple threat: he can sing, dance, act, and perhaps most threatening of all, he’s a twink — or a “twunk,” as he prefers.

He began his path to fame through YouTube, as many twinks do, posting covers in 2007 before expanding to short-form vlogging alongside other gay content creators like Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley. The odds of breaking into the pop scene were always low, but the chances of successfully carving out a niche in it were even lower.

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  1. Troy Sivan, YouTube, 2007 ??

    Dear Lord – long ago and he was great fun – all because of someone special who started Milkboys.
    Hai…. a crowded place then, addictive and very happy plus so much of interesting stuff.

    BTW .. where is Milo? Haven’t heard of him for ages. Cool dude.

  2. I love his thin sweaty body. I would love to take a shower with him but I am too old and he is too far away.

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