Just a Saturday

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I usually try to post at least twice every day but sometimes we all need to take a deep breath and a break from the world. Hope you don’t mind :) We’ll be back to normal schedule tomorrow. Have a great weekend & stay fabulous <3

Wandering Son

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An effeminate boy who’d rather would have been born as a girl, a masculine girl who’d rather be a boy, and a student who comes to her first day at a new school dressed in a boy’s uniform just because. The number of anime titles dealing with gender identity in a realistic and non-comedic way are extremely few and far between. But Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) does exactly that.

The plot of Hourou Musuko consists largely of what you might expect from a slice-of-life anime – a group of young teens attempting to carve out a niche for themselves amongst their families and peers while discovering the joys of navigating through puberty and school life.

What makes this series stand out from the countless other anime doing exactly the same thing are the characters themselves. Shuichi, a cute but unassuming male who begins to cross-dress with the encouragement of his friends is nonetheless still attracted to girls and worries about the physical changes his body will go through.

Yoshino, a tall and more emotionally charged girl prefers to dress and act like a boy but doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, and refrains from cross-dressing unless she travels outside of her home city. Then there are personalities like the outgoing and impulsive Chizuru, who occasionally dresses as a boy as a gesture of independence but seems perfectly happy just the way she is.

In short, everyone in this show is unique in his or her own way, yet also comes across as far more down to earth than many, if not the majority, of those presented in other slice-of-life titles. While Hourou Musuko does have its humorous moments, it avoids straying into primarily comedic fare as with other anime involving cross-dressing as a main plot point such as I My Me! Strawberry EggsPrincess Princess, and Ouran High School Host Club. At the same time, Hourou Musuko also miraculously steers clear of any real melodrama.

The artwork of this anime is reminiscent of watercolour; soft and almost fuzzy around the edges, which lends the series a very gentle tone despite the serious nature of its themes. You won’t find any unnatural hair colours or enormous eye size here, and in that sense it’s perhaps vaguely akin to the work we’ve seen come out from Studio Ghibli.

Hourou Musuko is not for everyone but for those after something touching and heartfelt but just a little off the beaten track, I strongly suggest giving Hourou Musuko a try. At the very least, you’ll finally be watching something that doesn’t stoop to using gender reversal as an oversexed plot device.

Shoma Uno’s Free Skate at the 2018 Japanese Nationals

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An injured Shoma Uno captured his third straight title in decisive fashion at the Japan championships earlier this week.

The Olympic and world silver medalist, who has won all three of his senior Japan crowns in the absence of Yuzuru Hanyu, started slowly in his free skate to “Moonlight Sonata” but picked up the pace as his program progressed to triumph by nearly 50 points over Daisuke Takahashi.

Video Playback Problems

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Hey, just wanted to let you know real quick that I‘m aware that some videos here and on juiceboys don‘t play in Safari.

While I can’t say I‘m shocked (Safari always was the worst browser imaginable :P) I‘m currently looking into other plugins to embed videos so they will work for everyone.

In the meantime, if you’re on a Mac you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to watch the videos. On mobile devices using iOS there’s no workaround I’m aware of since Apple doesn’t allow third-party browser engines on their devices so even Firefox and Chrome have to use the Safari engine on the iPad and iPhone.

Status Update

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Hey everyone, just a quick update on what’s going on and keeping me busy at the moment: I wanted to get the new NSFW blog online over the weekend but didn’t get around to it. We’re currently having some technical problems with the new server we moved milkboys to and I was busy trying to fix those, sadly without much success.

You probably noticed that the site is painfully slow sometimes and not all features are working as intended (comment editing, the RSS feed etc). I already had the host look into it, they did some optimisations but couldn’t fix the general unresponsiveness either. I’m trying to find a web dev who can take a look at the site and maybe figure out what the problem is. In worst case I’ll try to upgrade the server and see if that helps.

I’ll hopefully manage to get the new site online within the next few days anyway but please be patient with me. We’re having close to 40° here on a daily basis and I’m dealing with some other important life issues at the same time. I’m doing what I can but it’s all pretty exhausting, I’m sure many of you can relate.

gifs from a Helix Studios video

Server Move

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In preparation for the launch of the new milkboys NSFW blog I moved the site to a new server. I’m not gonna bore you with the technical details but if you know a bit how this stuff works, you’ll know that a new server comes with a new IP and that some DNS servers take a while to update until they point our domain to the new IP.

This is why some of you couldn’t access the site for a few hours yesterday. I realise now that I should have told you that beforehand ;) But for the future: If the site is offline and you want to know when it’s back, the quickest way to check is our Twitter.

I also post some random cuties and interesting queer news over there. Plus you won’t miss any blog posts! Another way to find out what’s up would be the milkboys community. That has comes with the upside that you can hang out with other milkies if you have some time to kill ;)

milkboys twitter    milkboys community

Dear Supporters

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I decided that I’ll use the opportunity of the new NSFW blog I’m working on to give all milkboys supporters a little treat. While most of the content will be available to everyone, there will be some special posts every now and then that will be exclusive to past and future supporters.

If you’re a milkboys Patreon or donated on GoFundMe, I’ll get in touch with you soon about account details. So please make sure that your Patreon e-mail address is up-to-date. If you used an address for a GoFundMe donation that is now outdated, please drop me a message here.

Thank you! <3

More Milk, More Boys

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Recently there were some somewhat controversial discussions about the question if porn belongs onto milkboys and how, if at all, it should be presented.

Personally I’d love to normalise porn. Almost everyone is looking at it on a regular basis, yet we act like it’s something shameful that needs to be hidden. I realise though that some people use this site in an environment that might not appreciate such an approach (schools, unis, work etc.).

So instead of making a this or that choice, why not do both? I’d like to start a second blog that focuses on the “naughty” side of things. milkboys will still feature bare skin from time to time, especially in an artistic or non-sexual context (e.g. Skyclad Saturday) but the more explicit stuff will go onto the new site.

That way people who don’t appreciate being greeted by a hard dick can avoid just that while the folks who don’t mind seeing naked twinks doing twinkstuff get even more such content on the new site.

I’ll start setting up the new site within the next few days. I’ll use this opportunity to move some stuff for this blog around so there might be some downtimes, just so you know why you might be seeing the infamous Account Suspended page during the coming days ;)

As always, thanks for your support & stay fabulous! <3

I’m sick

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This is going to be a pretty long & very personal post. I understand that many people come here for entertainment and have enough bad stuff going on in their life and I don’t want to add to that burden so consider this a content warning ;) 

I’m sick a lot. I noticed that but didn’t think too much of it since, other than some pretty regular allergy attacks (which I know now weren’t exactly an allergy), it just seemed to be normal, random colds & flus.

It became an issue over the last year or so because it started to have a noticeable impact on my ability to handle life.

I would drag myself to work, come home and be all done and tired after being awake for barely 12 hours just to go to bed and wake up almost on an hourly basis because my whole body is hurting. Getting even simple things done (like grocery shopping, doing the laundry etc) became a daunting task because I could just not muster the energy some days, my body would just not let me.

current level of energy…

In a way I’m really happy that I know now what the issue is because it means I can start fixing it. The prospect is also scary tho (more on that later).

So, the doctor I went to about my last “allergy” attack made some extra tests and he seems to think I have an issue that affects my immune system. It’s not very common which explains why it wasn’t found before, especially because the symptoms themselves aren’t out of the ordinary for less serious issues (symptoms of having a cold, very sensitive skin, having no energy etc).

I don’t really want to get into too many details because to be quite honest with you, I always feel embarrassed talking about being ill/having issues with my body. I don’t know why that is, I know it’s silly but it actually takes a significant amount of “fuck it” for me to even admit in public that there’s something wrong with me.

To get that out of the way tho: While my doctor said that it’s a serious issue, it’s certainly not life-threatening. This is not a “Shit, I might die” post ;)

But! This illness had a huge negative impact on my life and I’m eager to start fixing it. The easy part here is medicine. The harder one that my doctor was very clear that I should, well, basically take extremely good care of myself because my body needs an absolute no-stress phase for a while. He strongly suggested that I stay home and that’s the issue:

As some of you know I was in the process of starting a new job a friend organised for me in his company. I spoke to him today and luckily he was extremely understanding and offered me to start at a later date (in June, so about three months from now), at which point I hopefully will be a lot better if the medicine works as expected.

I’m not quite sure what to do until then financially tho. You guys were so incredibly generous before when I struggled with life in way less serious ways. I don’t want you to think that asking you to do that one more time is like a default for me now, an easy way out so I don’t have to lie awake at night and worry about solving it like most other people have to.

I sat down and looked at my essential monthly costs (rent, water, heating, utility, food, internet and so on and thought about what I can do without (like for example, I can probably live without phone for a while, stuff like that) and then multiplied the costs by three (for three months) and made that my GoFundMe goal. I’m so annoyed at myself for this because I know what that makes me look like, how I come across.

donation link :( 

I will look into other ways of supporting myself during that time though and adjust the goal accordingly to keep it as low as possible. If you happen to be financially worry-free I’m be eternally grateful for your support, as ashamed as I am about it.

That being said, this will be the last time I do this. I will have a job in a few months and it’s about time that I stand on my own feet and I’m optimistic that once I get there, I’ll be able to.

I’ll take care of milkboys during this time since this is something I can do from home and that doesn’t require anything stressful. I actually, and that’s a small silver line, will have more time for it than usual and the site deserves a bit more attention than I gave it recently anyway.

I’ll keep you updated about everything else as it happens. Thanks for reading, you have no idea how much it means and pushes me that some people out there actually care about me even tho we never met. Love you!


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I don’t know if you ever tried having an allergy attack and a cold from hell at the same time. Well, you don’t have to anymore because I did it for you and I can definitely not recommend the experience.

Just letting you know in case you’re wondering why the posting schedule is a bit erratic at the moment. I’ll also try to get on the mails/rewards for the donors from earlier this month as soon as I can feel my head again. Not forgetting any of you, no worries. Now excuse me while I drown myself in tea 🤒