Supporter Info & FAQ

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Hey! I put together a quick FAQ with answers to most of the frequently asked questions about supporter accounts. You can check it out over here.

I also made a form for Patreon supporters to let me know which name (or nickname) and link (for the $5 tier and above) you want me to use on the supporter hall of fame. So head over here and fill it out! :)

I’m also currently thinking about new perks for supporters, if you have any cool ideas, let me know! I have some ideas for different kinds of supporter posts but I’d like to come up with some more goodies.

Thanks for your support! Love you guys <3

Let’s move!

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Hey everyone! If you’re a regular visitor you might have noticed that I had a lot of technical trouble with the site over the last few months. From atrocious load times to the site just going down completely. The hoster I used to be with got bought by another company late last year and that’s when the problems started.

On top of that milkboys actually became a bit more popular lately (we had over 50% more visitors than usual for the last four weeks!) which is awesome but also makes the server perform even worse.

As you know I’m working on a relaunch of the site and I’d like to use that opportunity to also switch to a new hoster. I put a lot more work into the site lately (I hope it shows :p) and I’d hate for that work to go to waste because the site barely loads for many people.

I read a ton of reviews of different hosters (especially from people who host “adult” sites) and found one that seems perfect for milkboys.

I can save a lot of money by paying for a full year upfront but even though that’s cheaper overall, I don’t have that kind of money lying around of course.

So if you’d like to help pay for the hosting and some other expenses related to the relaunch (like the license of the new site theme) you can do so through the GoFundMe campaign below!

Every donor gets a supporter account of course!

The duration of the account is the same you would get if you’d use Patreon to support milkboys ($3/month). Thank you so much for your loyalty & support! 💖

Pink Lemonade!

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There are quite a few blogs out there about guys in varying states of undress. There are even more about girls, mostly with straight dudes as the target audience in mind though. What I was always missing was a queer blog for & about… everyone.

So of course I made one. Pink Lemonade (thanks for the name, Xag!) will feature pictures, videos and other titbits of cis & trans girls, femboys, inter people and generally everyone in- and outside of the gender binary. Because ecen in porn representation matters ;) Cis guys will be making an appearance too so if you prefer those, you should still find plenty of lewds to appreciate.

This does not mean by the way, that queer folks that aren’t cis boys won’t be featured on the main milkboys blog anymore. I just wanted a place where I can 1. post more of them and 2. also post girls. Because, damn, it’s hard to find decent blogs out there when you’re not exclusively gay or straight.

You can reach the blog either by bookmarking or by clicking on pinklemonade in the top right corner of this blog (in the hamburger menu if you’re on mobile).

There will be about two posts per day and just like with juiceboys these posts won’t appear on the frontpage of milkboys nor in the milkboys RSS feed so that people who would prefer not to see them can easily ignore them.

I hope you enjoy this new little side project of mine. As always, Let me know if you have suggestions! Thanks for your support! <3

Fresh Juice

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As I mentioned before, I’m working on a relaunch of milkboys with a new design. Part of the new concept is that I’d like to have all content in one place so you don’t have to check different sites to see everything I want to share with you ;)

Everything from juiceboys will move over to this site. I won’t show the juiceboys posts on the frontpage of milkboys (or the milkboys RSS feed for that matter) because I know not everyone appreciates that kind of heavy dose of porn but you can click on the juiceboys button in the top navigation to see the posts. I’ll also redirect the domain there in a few days.

Over the next few days I’ll move some of the best pictures and videos from juiceboys over to the new (sub) blog.  That means you might have already seen some of them before but I’ll make sure to mix in new stuff as well.

If you have a supporter account on juiceboys, you can use your milkboys log-in from now on to see supporter posts on juiceboys.

I will also launch a completely new sub blog in a few days which will be a bit different ;) But more about that later!


Supporter Account Mails

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I found a problem with the mail server that kept many mails from the blog from being delivered. I switched to a different address for now which should fix this.

If you’re waiting for a reply from me (about anything at all) or didn’t get your password for your supporter account here or on juiceboys, please get in touch with me!

Sorry for the trouble :(

Status Update

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Hey everyone! If you’re a member of the milkboys community on discord please head over there and read the post in the #important channel. The gist of it is that I will hand over the milkboys discord server to Manuel, one of our long-time moderators.

One of the reasons for doing this is that I want to focus more on this site, something that wouldn’t be possible anymore with my current schedule if I’d have to run the discord server as well.

I’m currently working on a redesign for milkboys to make it look a bit more modern and adding some new features I’m really excited about. The new site will make it easier for me to publish a lot more content than before.

Not only will juiceboys, the NSFW side blog of milkboys be integrated into the new site, I’ll also start another “sub site” that at least some of you will like ;) And milkboys itself will get some new content too, including regular goodies for my dear Patreon supporters & donors without whom I definitely couldn’t keep the site running <3

Just a Saturday

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I usually try to post at least twice every day but sometimes we all need to take a deep breath and a break from the world. Hope you don’t mind :) We’ll be back to normal schedule tomorrow. Have a great weekend & stay fabulous <3

Shoma Uno’s Free Skate at the 2018 Japanese Nationals

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An injured Shoma Uno captured his third straight title in decisive fashion at the Japan championships earlier this week.

The Olympic and world silver medalist, who has won all three of his senior Japan crowns in the absence of Yuzuru Hanyu, started slowly in his free skate to “Moonlight Sonata” but picked up the pace as his program progressed to triumph by nearly 50 points over Daisuke Takahashi.

Video Playback Problems

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Hey, just wanted to let you know real quick that I‘m aware that some videos here and on juiceboys don‘t play in Safari.

While I can’t say I‘m shocked (Safari always was the worst browser imaginable :P) I‘m currently looking into other plugins to embed videos so they will work for everyone.

In the meantime, if you’re on a Mac you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to watch the videos. On mobile devices using iOS there’s no workaround I’m aware of since Apple doesn’t allow third-party browser engines on their devices so even Firefox and Chrome have to use the Safari engine on the iPad and iPhone.

Status Update

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Hey everyone, just a quick update on what’s going on and keeping me busy at the moment: I wanted to get the new NSFW blog online over the weekend but didn’t get around to it. We’re currently having some technical problems with the new server we moved milkboys to and I was busy trying to fix those, sadly without much success.

You probably noticed that the site is painfully slow sometimes and not all features are working as intended (comment editing, the RSS feed etc). I already had the host look into it, they did some optimisations but couldn’t fix the general unresponsiveness either. I’m trying to find a web dev who can take a look at the site and maybe figure out what the problem is. In worst case I’ll try to upgrade the server and see if that helps.

I’ll hopefully manage to get the new site online within the next few days anyway but please be patient with me. We’re having close to 40° here on a daily basis and I’m dealing with some other important life issues at the same time. I’m doing what I can but it’s all pretty exhausting, I’m sure many of you can relate.

gifs from a Helix Studios video