The struggle is indeed real :(

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I’m sure we’re all aware by now that times are rough for a lot of people. There’s an insane inflation and food prices especially have been going up by a lot. So did rents. And like many others, I’m struggling currently.

I had a job at a museum that fell victim to the pandemic and while looking for a new job I was living off this blog. The problem is that the vast majority of the (small) income from this site comes from one company which hasn’t paid me (or anyone else afaik) since December.

I’m at a point where even just paying rent becomes a challenge. On top of everything I had a dental surgery last week that will cost me basically three months worth of rent (dental stuff is for the most part not covered by insurance here unless you get an extra, private insurance).

If you are in a situation that allows you to spare a few bucks I’d be forever grateful if you’d consider supporting me 💜 Any donations will go towards paying for rent, monthly bills and the medical bill. Thanks heaps!

If you prefer using PayPal you can donate over here!

Lots of love, Em.

PS: If you donate and don’t have a supporter account here yet, contact me!

Quick Personal Note

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I had a small surgery today and am still feeling a bit queasy. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow but will try to post again asap.



PSA for recent donors

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If you recently donated (thanks!) but didn’t get any thank you mail with instructions about how to get your supporter account, please use this contact form to let me know. It looks like the automatic mails you’re supposed to get after donating have not been going through.

Little Update: After looking into the issue some more, it turns out that I actually haven’t received some mails through the contact form for a few months now. Your messages are still saved on the server so I’ll go through them now and reply to all of them. Sorry about that :(

About Twitter Posts

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A while ago Twitter changed how you can share NSFW tweets. Ever since every tweet from an account marked as containing “sensitive content” can only be viewed if you’re logged into Twitter.

A lot of the juiceboys posts are embedded tweets because Twitter is pretty much the last big social media platform that still allows porn to be posted and has become one of the only places for me to find new content for you.

Alas this means if you don’t have a Twitter account you can’t see these posts. That sucks. I could rip the videos from Twitter and re-post them here but I don’t want to take the views and engagement away from the original creators. It also gives creators a bit more control over their content if they ever decide to remove it.

So, as bothersome as it is, I can only encourage you to head over to Twitter and make an account. It’s free and once you’re logged in you can unblock sensitive content. After that you’re set and don’t have to do anything else to see all posts on juiceboys as long as you’re logged into Twitter in the browser you’re using,

Oh and you could follow milkboys on Twitter while you’re at it ;) I post some extra content there every day.

A quick personal note

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About a year ago I had a small dental surgery (a few of you might remember), recently some complications came up which among other things left me with very little energy to do anything really which is why posts have been kind of sporadic lately.

I have a doctor’s appointment later today and with a bit of luck things will get fixed either today or over the weekend which means everything should be back to normal here soon.

Wish me luck 🌸


Update: At least for now it looks like it went well, I’ll have to wait a few days to know for sure but the pain’s mostly gone for now which feels great. Thanks for all your sweet comments! <3

Almost back!

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Sorry for the downtime, my internet was dead for almost two days :( Normal post schedule will be up again tomorrow.