Nimona’s inclusive storytelling

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Representation matters, be it in cinema, on TV, or on the page. And representation matters especially to LGBTQ+ young people and their families. They need to see themselves reflected on screen, particularly in the animated feature arena where queer protagonists are few and far between.

With its theme of gender fluidity Oscar-nominated Nimona was deeply personal for its creator, ND Stevenson who suffered from dysphoria and began publishing the webcomic while a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. “I hadn’t seen a character like [Nimona] when I started the comic, and I wanted to see that character,” says Stevenson, who identifies as non-binary.

Set in a futuristic-medieval world, Nimona tells the story of the eponymous shapeshifter — usually a teenage girl, but able to transform into any human or animal —who joins forces with Ballister, a gay knight wrongfully convicted of murder.

When Netflix distributed the film theatrically in 190 territories in June 2023 audiences of all ages connected with its story and LGBTQ+ characters. “Nimona is an incredibly beautiful piece of queer media,” wrote one viewer on social media. “I cried and laughed with my partner as we watched it together.”

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BFI Flare 2024 Queer Film Festival

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As in the past, the 2024 BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival features a stunning line-up of stories from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Over almost four decades, BFI Flare has built itself into the biggest LGBTQ+ film festival in Europe. It’s a platform for showcasing everything from the year’s most-talked-about queer movies, to directorial debuts from upcoming talent.

This year’s festival includes exclusive talks, including from Elliot Page about his new film, Close to You, which will make its European debut on Thursday 14 March. Elsewhere, there are films touching on experiences from across the LGBTQ+ community – featuring asexuality, queer pop stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, India’s legal battle for marriage equality, trans women in Poland, and sexual violence.

Here are 16 films that should be on your must-watch list, including big new projects from A-listers including Lil Nas X and Kristen Stewart, to vital films from rising queer voices like Amrou Al-Kadhi.

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Interview With the Vampire season 2 is coming this May

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Interview With the Vampire season two is coming this May. The beloved and deeply sexy queer series about an immortal vampire telling his life story is coming back in just a few, short months, as AMC has announced that season 2 of Interview With the Vampire will debut on May 12.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new season continues to see Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) telling his life story to human journalist Daniel Molloy (Erig Bogosian) “after the bloody events in New Orleans in 1940 when Louis and teen vampire Claudia tried to kill Lestat de Lioncourt.

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The trailer for Young Royals’ final season is here

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Things are getting sexy and serious for Wilhelm and Simon in the trailer for the final season of Netflix’s hit drama Young Royals!

The Swedish show, which centers around the complicated love story between teen Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and Simon Eriksson (Omar Rudberg), is gearing up for its third and final season, and now we have a trailer.

In season 3, “Wilhelm’s speech has consequences not only in the court but also throughout the school, as Hillerska confronts the worst crisis in the school’s history,” the official description reads. “The prince and Simon are determined to be together, but what are they willing to sacrifice when realizing that their freedom and love might be at odds with the Royal ideals, traditions, and responsibilities?”

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The Last Human Person on Earth

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The Last Human Person on Earth tells the story of Eric and Henry, two boys pretending to be the mad scientist and robot survivors of the end of the world in Henry’s garage. As the two grow closer, Eric begins to wonder if their relationship might be turning into something more than friendship.

Lazarus Come Out

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45 year old Don Valter is a traditional priest who still wears an old fashioned black tunic out of nostalgia. One day young Claudio and his exuberant troupe of actors appear, proposing to perform an avant-garde show based on the Gospel’s miracle of the rebirth of Lazarus*. The powerless priest is overwhelmed by this young upstart, who stirs within him emotions that will, whether he likes it or not, pull him into the modern era.

Krampus, the queer holiday icon

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Social media has anointed Krampus as the queer icon of the holidays. For the uninitiated — or those who haven’t seen the 2015 horror film Krampus — this mythological figure is “a half-goat, half-demon, horrific beast who literally beats people into being nice and not naughty,” as National Geographic puts it.

Marked by horns, fangs, a devilishly long tongue, Krampus carries around birch rods with which he swats the misbehaving. For centuries in parts of Germany and Austria, Krampus has been positioned as the anti-Santa, a menace who carts naughty kids down to the underworld when he shows up on Krampusnacht, the night of December 5.

In this century, however, Krampus has become a pop-culture fixation. Bowen Yang played the demon on SNL and in a 2019 blog post for Gayly Dreadful, Stephan Hoda presented the case for Krampus as a queer icon.

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