A teen drag queen & their proud mom inspire Twitter

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There’s nothing 17-year-old Brett McDowall love more than putting on a wig, slipping into a pair of heels and a sparkly dress, painting his face with makeup, and transforming into his drag alter ego, Amberlea Fruitville.

Teenage drag queen Amberlea Fruitville at prom

Brett’s mom, Randi, couldn’t be prouder of her son, whose drag ambitions started when he first got his hands on his sister’s tutu at age four. Since then, Randi has been buying him costumes and makeup and driving him to drag competitions all around Florida.

Randi recently took to Twitter to share the immense pride she feels for her son, who came out as gay at 13, writing: “My son is a drag queen. This means he likes to dress as a woman for performance purposes. He is not transgender, he identifies as a male and does not want to be a woman. It’s hurtful to be rejected by family who don’t take the time to educate themselves.”

She then asked people to retweet her post. And they did: The post has since gone viral, receiving nearly 19,000 likes, 7,000 comments and 6,000 retweets.

“What I love most about my son is that he has never been ashamed of his sexual identity or going out in drag,” she tells Gay Star News. “He is funny, an amazing singer and dancer and he owns it whenever he performs. He is kind, sensitive, smart and extremely loving and he brings joy to so many people,” she added. I could not be more proud of him.”


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Some people say that heartbreak can make for great art, and the details of gay poet Kevin Tyler Norman’s failed long-distance relationship that he digested in his book Shelter might be an argument in favour of that point.

What would you do if you travelled to the other side of the world to surprise your long-distance boyfriend, only to learn he’d been dating someone behind your back? That’s what happened to Kevin, who met his then-boyfriend in the United States while the latter was travelling for work. While it could have been a summer fling, this guy told Kevin he wanted more, and the two carried on a long-distance relationship, Kevin in Los Angeles, his boyfriend in Australia.

The following months saw multiple trips back and forth, a surprise in which his boyfriend visited him for his birthday, regular video chat sessions, even meeting the family. Kevin and his boyfriend even bought a plane ticket to Australia so Kevin could make the big move Down Under.

“I planned a surprise trip to visit him, and right before I was to leave the U.S., he called me and confessed he was seeing someone else in Australia but ended that relationship because he ultimately wanted to be with me. So, being foolishly in love, I still followed through with my trip, letting him know I was coming, and after a week with me in Australia, he said he made a mistake and wanted to be with the other Australian guy. He then left me alone in his apartment while he went to go make amends with his now-boyfriend.”

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