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Hey milkies! I had a super busy day and can barely keep my eyes open so if that’s all right with you I’m gonna take one day off from blogging.

I kept the seven posts/day (between milkboys, juiceboys & pink lemonade) up for a pretty good while so I don’t feel suuuper guilty about it. Just a bit :p

See you again tomorrow, stay safe! <3

Austin Feinstein

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  1. Youse guys, as do suspect there is more than one, are not of pay to take time out nor take time off nor take your time. You are of a need to go to iMGSRC.RU for some more sexy pictures. YES ! NOW ! Go find those pictures sinal is hiding from us ! NOW ! GO ! Find those pictures from the old LEAF site. GO ! NOW ! FIND !
    — oh. you are sleeping. your protégé do not work hard enough. the protégé are lazy. you need sleep. ok. sleep. sleep. sleep. even Michelangelo and Rembrandt and J S Bach have lazy protégé.
    — safe and rest full sleep sleep sleeeeeeep.

  2. Meanwhile, the USA, publicly on live television, bullies ballet boys all over the world. Back to my comment on them needing more representation…

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