Yuzuru at Worlds 2019

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If you’re ever doubting if you can achieve something, keep in mind that Yuzuru Hanyu has asthma and an injured ankle and still managed this:

He “only” ended up in 2nd place behind Nathan Chen due to a small mistake during one jump but gosh dang, the magic was as palpable as always. Don’t miss his gala skate either. Shoma had a pretty rough day but considering his current hip and knee problems his 4th place is still very respectable.

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  1. All I get is this:

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    This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

    It’s the same when I go to the YouTube site of this video.


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      1. No. That’s the one I tried immediately after trying this one. Again, I get:

        Video unavailable
        This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  2. These guys are all amazing.
    Growing up in my teen years I thought ice skating, ballet etc. was all so wishy washy. Not for me at all.
    But then, a few extraordinary stars and everything changes.
    The two Japanese boys often featured on Milkboys are beyond belief. I still have no interest in ice skating but do get mesmerized watching YH and S. Their pure athleticism and art plus that always indefinable something when a real star’s character shines through is highly emotive.

    What a price to pay though.
    The two skaters and now Andy Murray too at the end of his greatness all with such great sacrifices imposed on their health and well being.

    Is any of this worth it?
    I’m sure they’d be just who they are, live and love just as much without any of this pain and possible trouble in later years.


  3. @ Upi. Yes, It is all worth it, in what ever sport or endeavor. As long as they don’t get the sort of injuries like fighters get such as concussions that cause Parkinson’s later in life. But the hardest part is they have to be able to handle losing, to probably never win, to maybe have a win in hand and lose it, that is the most difficult aspect. You have to be able to not be consumed and eaten away by a need to compete or it will make you bitter and worse. Otherwise, it is amazing to train and develop and be really good and do some unbelievable things. If you can handle not winning, only a handful win and very few ever even place and most don’t even qualify, then just trying is something to carry with you all of your life. Imagine to have been able to qualify and be in the competitions and just see the others, to be able to go up to the champions and congratulate them on their win, so what if you come in last, you are still better than all of ordinary mortals in the world. And if you never even make it to a competition, have fun, that is what life is all about. And people get hurt at work, even crippled or whatever, just for a job, often for a lousy job, that is a tragedy

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