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  1. ~Dang, Kinkynik thought Yuzuru’s speedy, fine ass was better than Shoma’s but I still choose 😘Shoma for the all over cuteness and loveability award! Keep posting on both, no complaints from this camp…

    1. 🐻Oooh forgot his lucky Winne the Pooh, you’re so right John… we need to send that Shoma a cute teddy too!

  2. Gets better with every video.

    Uh, oh. milkboys has now promoted its very own adorable/cuteness war with Yuzuru Hanru vs. Shoma Uno. What are we to do now? Just keep watching! milkboys, keep posting!

  3. He didn’t do the signature Flying Dutchman or the breathtaking Baby Bird. But heck, I’d do him anyway.

      1. Remember, I was a twink in the glory days of porn shop video arcades, glory holes and bath houses. If the store was having a busy day, I’d spend hours on my knees in front of a “knothole” – might Tom Sawyer, or even Huck Finn have been one of the boys in the adjacent booth…. ?

  4. I didn’t denigrate Shoma in anyway but I utterly adore Yuzuru, imagine spending a weekend just licking, kissing, nibbling and stroking his body from from toes to temples and back again.

  5. There’s plenty of room for both Shoma and Yuzuru, both are hot as Hell, both if I had to pick one, it’s Yuzuru.

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