Yuzuru & Shoma

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A (friend)ship in six gifs…

Shoma Uno: “He always looks after me, I’m full of gratitude for Yuzuru. “

Yuzuru Hanyu: “He’s more like a puppy to me than a little brother. He’s my cute, well not pet, it’s not like I have control over him, he’s rather free to do whatever he wants to.”

gifs via guadamn, interview translation via #LOCO

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  1. For me an example of how competition really is/should be. Striving to be your own best performance. Respect and admiration for, and friendship with your competitors. They seem secure in their self views and inspirations in their behavior and willingness to have friendships. Not afraid to be whoever they are and don’t care what others might think.

    1. Yuzuru says his friend is not his pet BUT it look’s like Shoma will do ANYTHING the bigger Yazuru would ask of him, Hell I would…!
      Yazuru is HOTT cute! I bet IF Yazuru said “put it in here slowly…now go a bit faster,,,,,,now faster!” I bet Shoma would do so? I know damn well I would!!
      It look’s like they have a very good RARE and beautiful kinda friendship…
      I wish I were Shoma………:(

  2. Cute gifs. So, Yuzuru is saying Shumo is his neko, not his uke? ;)
    Not sure both or any of them is gay but I wish they live happily ever after anyway…

    I watched both at the Olympics, and Yuzuru totally deserved his latest gold, his surreal performance was incredibly graceful and fluid all along, together with a variety of tempo, while Shumo seemed to be stuck to his virtuoso fast track, chaining one technical figure after another in a choregraphy that lacked some soul and heart a bit. Great recovery from his fall though, a real pro. After all, one less fall than Yuzuru in 2014…

  3. Very cute gifs.

    Middle, left: “My waist is up here, honey, down there are my buttocks, thighs — and a firm surprise.”

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