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  1. Graceful and beautiful, as always. But, dare I say it, this routine seems almost sedate compared to the ones you showed for Shoma Uno and possibly even Nathan Chen. Of course, all are enjoyable to watch. Like gymnastics on ice — but with way too dark clothing.

    And, honey, you don’t need to cross your chest and waist. You’re nearly infallible talent speaks for itself. Younger and newer skaters will be using the likes of you and Shoma Uno to learn by and present in more complicated routines in the future.

    Thanks for another enjoyable post.

    1. Should be:
      Your nearly infallible talent speaks for itself. ”

      Oops! I made one of the most common Internet grammar mistakes. Sorry about that. :-)

      1. NO, You’re the one who appears arrogant. I meant what I said: younger and newer (in time) from any country.

        Has the stupidity of Merkel been rubbing off on you? (And don’t try to “come back” with the mental illness of Trump — the intelligent over here already know he a total failure, mentally and otherwise. Just ask horsey … oops, he might be like you … with Trump rubbing off on him.)

  2. I know my own taste in clothing doesn’t scream ‘hip central’… but this whole stinkin’ sport has for a generation tolerated inept stylists. At least the male side. Who the hay signs off on these outfits?! To see my darling Hanyu performing in some of these rags..
    His dresser needs an ophthalmologist.

    1. @thunderball
      ~I really love his necklaces but you’re right about many of the outfits they wear… they’re a bit gay looking😂!

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