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  1. 🤕Can’t tell if he’s wearing skate guards or not but if I remember right those things weren’t much safer than walking on blades alone. I hear you can even get those things with wheels now, as if they weren’t tricky enough already!
    😘Be safe Yuzuru⛸

  2. You guys should watch “The War of the Buttons” it’s on amazon if you’re in the US where the dvds won’t play. Geronimo and Fergus are beautiful. Many others are cute (I was going to say “as buttons” but decided not to).

    1. I’ve always thought the ending of the original version was one of the best endings in cinema history: the two arch enemies meeting in the empty dormitory of the reform school and running to meet each other in an embrace, so happy to see a familiar face.

      1. Is that the French version, or is there another English version out there and, if so, do you know where?

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