Yuzuru in Russia

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are drawing closer so how about we get into the mood with Yuzuru’s recent performance at the Rostelecom Cup…

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  1. He’s drop-dead cute, perfectly fit, and with that combination of looks, lithe, and strength I’m sure he’s a great lay. So, yeah, I’d do him. Oh, hell yeah!

    Now, to properly hijack this thread, duz anyone know what happened to the Teenboys’ Corner blog? The link just takes you to “index” and a black screen. It was always the place to go to see un-posed and un-staged pics of really cute teenage boys.

  2. Always a joy to watch him. It’s just too bad this video has such noticeable crappy visual and audio quality in the early to mid part of it.

    I hope all those winnie-the-poohs get donated to some children who have less and would appreciate them to brighten up their lives.

    1. TBCorner does not belong to Sinal, they all hosted on mexcam (bfh) which has some serious issues lately so they all moving or close their blogs.

  3. I looooove Yuzuru Hanyu. Loooove him. What a sweet boy. I once made love with a 20yo who looked so much like him, shorter and slightly more curvy, same incredibly smile which could light up a universe. It lit up mine………

  4. @Jamoo
    🤗My bad… Seemed as if all roads led to Sinal so I checked there first.
    ~Not like there’s a shortage of what Mr.Horselips sought on the net anyway!

  5. Just in case you didn’t see this, The New York Times wrote an interesting (and long) article about him this last Sunday, Jan. 7. It was titled, “Icon Stumbles On The Road To Perfection.” — If you’re interested. You can probably find it on-line as well.

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