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  1. I have to tell you and I don’t feel all that great about it but hey, sometimes you gotta just go for it. I’d knock somebody’s 100 year old grandmother out of the way to get to those pants, and what’s inside.

    Seriously though he’s just flat out gorgeous and just imagine the strength in those legs, his stamina would be out of this world…..

  2. Gorgeous! And most definitely enhanced by the great Jim Morrison and The Doors, Hello, I Love You. I normally “detest” black pants on such beautiful men, but I have to admit, they enhanced and blended with this music naturally.

    Btw, does anyone have any idea of how much that T-Shirt might be worth now — after nearly 4 years with his now stellar reputation on the ice? Has it been on eBay yet? Would anyone in here bid on it? 😉

  3. were have those bare belly button T-shirts gone we had back in the 70ties?-
    thought we gays were liberated- the same with the real shorts!
    show off your bodies guys!

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