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  1. O give me a break, listen to him talk for one minute, there is no way you could think he’s straight,

    1. I found it amazing all the ‘hate’ I received when I said that I could tell Ronan Parke was gay the moment he walked to center stage at the beginning of his audition — BGT — sporting that scarf (and that was just the FIRST sign). So many of then would tell me, WAIT until he’s “of age” (W-everTF that’s supposed to be when one’s showing off their personality) to “come out” if he so chooses.

      Sorry to the pc’ers, but some boys just wear their ‘gayness’ on their shoulders for all to see — as young as 10 or even 8 years old. And that’s NOT any criticism of THEM …. it’s just that it can be soooo obvious with their various mannerisms.

  2. Since he is so obvious, what is this about ? Or, since he is so obvious, what is he about here appearing ? YOU MIGHT MORE THAN WONDER —-What money is he all about ?

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