You’re Dead To Me: Queer history

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From Molly Houses to secret diaries, the BBC’s You’re Dead To Me podcast took a a look at some real-life stories that are part of the history of the LGBT community in Britain and the United States.

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    1. Sour Grapes you 😋
      For me passing an exceedingly boring Monday stuck in the *rseh*le of America (Texas) this podcast allowed a happy 45 minutes to go by.
      It’s light fluff. Not someone’s thesis.

      Much better to smile your way through life than to skirt along with superciliousocityness

  1. If you please, Upi, “superciliousocityness” is not the proper form. 😤

    It’s “superciliousocitynesstification”!😚

  2. Know not the show on post here. The phrase YOU ARE DEAD TO ME is like the usual refusal to acknowledge the know of gay even as of accomplishment and, then, a refusal to be real. YOU, the fag do know and fuck with, do declare dead. Many do declare me as dead to me, so am aware of the meanings. They all of a sudden assert they are anew and we are not of any past, a dead. Break my heart.

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