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  1. Too bad. This is a near-complete “waste” — it should have been made much longer than just a 5-minute music video. It has the trappings of a full-length or at least semi-length ‘full’ movie. From this it looks like with enough resource, whoever directed this could have done so for a full-length movie. And the characters seem well chosen for these rolls.

    The “fight” over the girl shows a a very common psyche of jealousness — one boy is jealous of his [boy-]friends’ desire for a girl (or even just to “impress her” so as to “improve” his social standing) when the sexual tension between the two boys is so thick it could be sliced several times with a machete. Which shows very well how the poisonous nature of “god”, the bible and religiosity works to destroy a society in minute detail.

      1. “they are the same person…read the credits…”

        I was referring to the characters, not the actual actors.

  2. Bleh…….
    with buckets of real tragedy falling all around every day
    No shortage of life events to comment on

    Shoplifting? Gay desire?
    Utterly unimaginative lyrics. Cute guys without a pimple, bulimia or razor cuts.

    Pap from the Disney school of commercialism
    Of course it disney work….

    1. That last part Upi might go over folks heads if they’re not familiar with “Scottisiisms”. Like the old jokes, “What’s the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?” “Bing sings and Walt Disney”. Or “A guy goes to the Doctor,” Doctor I haven’t washed for a month, brushed my teeth for a month or changed my clothes for a month, and I’m stinking, especially my underbreeks”. ” I’m not surprised exclaimed the Doctor”. What do they smell of? ” Coconuts” replied the man. The Doctor replies” I’m not surprised, they’re BOUNTY”.

  3. Or this one Upi. A guy goes into the bakers and says, “Is that a doughnut or a meringue?, The Baker replies,” No sir, you’re quite correct, it’s a doughnut”. When we were in the Cubscouts getting undressed, all the Youngyins would take turns singing an old song called “Perrie Perrie tinkle, I see your wee winkle(small cock). The person singing it would cup his cock and balls, whilst the others had to stand with their hands behind their backs. It went like this.

    ” Perrie perrie tinkle, I see your wee winkle, ”
    ” Perrie, Perrie tinkle ye cannae see mine;”
    “Peerie Perrie tinkle, I see your wee winkle,”
    “Perrie Perrie tinkle ye cannae see mine,”
    Ye cannae see, cannae see, cannae see, cannae see”.
    “Perrie, Perrie tinkle,, I see your wee winkle”, ”
    ” Perrie, Perrie tinkle, ye cannae see mine. ”

    Sung to an old German folk tune.

    Happy days.

  4. Another one Upi comes from the Old Pre Union Scots for Whore. Spelled in Old Scots how it sounded with a u pronounced oo as in Hure(hoore). Anyways the other word for Hure is strumpf. Not used for about 300 years. In Edinburgh over 300 years ago, 1 in every 10 tenement apartments, was a Hurehoose (Whore house). ( The Scots had the oldest high rises up to 10 stories in Europe, at over 450 years old). When a small glass pane would be painted red to put a candle in the window. The Hures would wear Red Long Stockings under their skirts and lift them to show who and what they are. Red Long Stocking in Old Scots(no longer used, the stocking part that is) was Red Long Stocking, pronounced as Rot Lang Strumpf. Strumpf was then another name for Hure (Whore) . The word Strumpet was already long used in England but developed at similar times seperatly. I think Shakespeare once said, “Thou art a Strumpet”., It’s 2.47am. I’m away back to sleep. Goodnight all. (Or in Scots, Guidnicht awe).

    1. You always make it quite fun to read about your culture’s history. Quite enlightening, even though often in a comical way. Thank you.

      “When a small glass pane would be painted red to put a candle in the window.”

      So is borne the red-light district. :-)

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