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Its been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK, and times have changed. Openly gay 13 year old Louis sat down with openly gay 78 year old Percy to have a chat about the differences 50 years have made on gay culture and acceptance.

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  1. What a cute adorable little pixie Louis is. What a little sweetie pie. Those two guys at the end, especially tattoo baseball hat guy…………………….yum.

    Here’s something that will have you laughing out loud….especially at the end, which is unexpected. Enjoy.

    P.S. It has only been legal in England and Wales since 1967. Scotland was still arresting folks up until 1981.

  2. Outstanding!!! What a great kid and a very kind and intelligent older man. Great story. Wish the rest of the world could see this video and understand how important it is.

  3. This is very good. I’m impressed with the 13 year old and that he has a boyfriend already. And I’ll take that as an implication that both of them have sex together. Which is good and shows that, YES, a “tween” IS sexual (and probably before that age as well) — à la The Fosters — which was (is?) attempting to show that very young teens can be both sensual and sexual and want to act on it having boyfriends but are thwarted by the conservative, corporate nature of our society. So many (milkboys included) would say that’s “too young” for any sexual desires. This boy shows that, yes, they (very young teens) can and desire for sexual contact.

    And even though there is at least one “feminist” in here that argues this point, this shows (even in England, but also Europe, Asia, Americas and USA) that we’ll see even more younger tweens expressing themselves, at least in a social, romantic way because, simply, our same-sex marriage acceptance. If we allow them to marry, then we can’t stop them from expressing their romance in public just as heterosexuals have done and continue to do.

    1. As a scientist, I don’t think teens are “too young (to have) any sexual desires” (after all, sex is expressed at far younger ages than that). Yet that doesn’t exempt the issue of teenage sex from having strong political implications. Maybe I would seem conservative to you in thinking that it is in fact a matter of consent and rational choice. A teenager’s brain (especially the rational parts like the pre-frontal cortex) is not fully matured or developed at that age. Thus, the same rationale behind anyone who thinks teenagers should or shouldn’t be allowed to vote could apply to whether they should be encouraged to “act on their sexuality” as you put it. The risk of making bad decisions when it comes to sex is something that applies to all teenagers regardless on their gender and sexual preference. But I would agree with you that homosexual teenagers are far more likely to be portrayed by society as “confused” rather than simply cognitively under-developed.

      1. “Thus, the same rationale behind anyone who thinks teenagers should or shouldn’t be allowed to vote could apply to whether they should be encouraged to “act on their sexuality” as you put it.”

        Except that for thousands of years teenagers have, in fact — not only been allowed but also encouraged to “act on their sexuality.” Throughout past history, boys and girls from 14 years old and up (and some girls around 12) have had arranged marriages and then quite often immediately start their baby making. Your history as well as [our] history proves this and have borne some quite notable people who have bred and have been bred at quite early ages … compared to today’s rather outmoded laws. All for the sake of “child molestation” or whatever you want to call it. Are you even suggesting that things like that (and worse, including murder) never occurred back then? The truth is the primary difference between then and now is that a few people complain and laws are made to appease them more than what is really necessary. And I’m not advocating for child abuse. But it’s a fact that most of these anti-child sex laws are more “getting societies excited” than for actually “fixing the problem. With proper parenting, this doesn’t happen to the vast majority of kids because the kids know when they’re in any danger.

        “But I would agree with you that homosexual teenagers are far more likely to be portrayed by society as “confused” rather than simply cognitively under-developed.”

        Where do you get that crap? The only “confusion” is how societies react [their laws] to a very simple human difference that a small portion of their population is homosexual (easily between 15 – 20%). If societies would mind their own business, gay teens wouldn’t have any reason to be “confused.”

        And, “simply cognitively under-developed?” Speak for yourself only. Homosexual teens aren’t any more “cognitively under-developed” than heterosexual teens — it’s SOCIETIES that have become cognitively under-developed in their dealings with human differences.

        1. As
          always a mindless rant that totally misses the point the previous poster was making.

          1. I feel sorry for you that you don’t have the capacity to understand either history or life in general.

    2. Just because he says he has a boy friend does not imprecate he is or they are having a sexual relationship. I just think that being gay does not mean sexual relationships are required to have a relationship with someone. I know many friends that are gay and we are not having sexual relationships. Some have been boyfriends when i was young but there was no sex. I dont think it is any different than heterosexual teens being couples. Maybe it is me but i dont agree that just because they are a couple at that or any age that they must be sexual.

  4. Nice video. Good to see such things produced.
    I don’t understand the references in comments made above. I went through puberty at 10 years of age and my best friend, who was 11, went through puberty at roughly the same time, we became boyfriends without thinking about it since we did everything together. We had great affection for each other (we were best friends) and were sexual and sensual, were actually quite horny rabbits and over the next 3 years came to know a number of other boys who were sexually active to one degree or another. I don’t understand that anyone can say young people do not desire sex nor are sexual. The only negative thing that happened was that by the age of 14, social discrimination and bullying became an issue so we learned to go into the “closet” publically.

      1. I had just started Middle School, so I know for sure that the first time I stroked another penus and had mine stroked I was 11.

  5. Regarding the video, Louis was rightly outraged/amazed; but let’s be realistic, the UK police were still raiding gay premises well into the early 2000s. Yes in theory we have been tolerant of ‘homosexuality’ (their term) since 1967 (for those over 21, lowered to 18 in 1994), but hardly a week went by without prosecutions for gay love and/or lust.

    It’s only really since the change in the age of consent to 16 in 2000 (finally equal to str8 rules, set in 1885, when it was raised from 13) and the introduction of first civil partnerships and now marriage equality that the police have found other priorities.


    I had my first consensual sexual experiences at 8 1/2 when another boy at boarding school climbed into bed with me, this was mostly oral and mutual, I’ve never been that keen on penetrative sex.

    I am fairly sure I had some non-consensual experiences from a younger age (5 up?) with older (teenage) boys and girls. All my neighbour friends were girls, with older siblings, and we were at it like rabbits from a very early age, not always with my consent, especially where the older siblings were concerned.

    I first experienced lust at about 4 1/2 years old. I still remember the boy’s toes, legs, crotch, face to this day. From photos he was probably 11 or twelve and was ‘looking after’ me on a beach over a three week summer holiday; nothing happened but I don’t think I would have minded; he was lush.

    I suspect sex (in some form) is on many kids’ minds a lot of the time, unless I am very weird indeed.


    Oh yes, I hit puberty at 10 1/2. All good things seem to happen to me in the summer!

    1. “the UK police were still raiding gay premises well into the early 2000s.”

      Local police were still raiding gay bars here in California into the early- to mid-70s. Fortunately, Most of California’s larger cities were mostly ambivalent towards the gay bars and generally left them alone unless they received a call from someone that may have had some influence.

      I’m sure it continued for much longer time if a bar was in a “bible/rust belt” state — police in those states were much more militant towards anyone who even appeared they might be gay.

      1. I was more referring to people’s homes; after all big venues like G A Y and Heaven were well established, indeed thriving. But it was still happening.

        Bizarre but true.

  6. And let’s not kid ourselves that two young boys can sit and hold hands and snog or smooch, as most str8 couples have always done, in any but the most enlightened areas, even now, without the odd comment or worse.

    1. 09:38 to the end:

      What advice would you give me for the future?

      I’d say, be true to yourself, stand up for being gay, and for actually trying to make people understand that the most important thing is that you can love somebody. It doesn’t matter who they are; whether it’s a boy or a girl – love is love.
      And that’s something which is enriching, and to try to get people to think beyond their own immediate sphere, so that we can all be… I can’t think of a better word – “neighbours in the world”, and not have enemies. And to be supportive.

      Thank you.

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