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  1. Boys like him are the reason why I canceled my gymcontract… don’t wanna be distracted by so much beauty

  2. Nice but would have made a much better impact if he were doing those lifts in a nice bikini and shirtless — you know, so we can SEE those muscles working.

    I saw this quote from years ago (and don’t know who made it) which I like:
    I’m a sperm and am due to fertilise an egg in 2019. It really sucks knowing the music I will probably listen to when I’m a human being will be shit. I wish I had entered a vagina in the mid- to late- 60’s :(
    [I changed the year]

    1. I totally agree that it would have been a much better (for us) video if the young lad was shirtless, and wearing a much smaller & tighter pair of shorts. LOL

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