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This short is about Gabe, a late bloomer whose attempts to impress Shane, a more mature classmate, get him into a hairy situation.

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  1. ❦Cameron Woffard played a great 13 year old Gabe,(@15); go figure a teen actually playing a teen?
    Very sweet video and having Shane show up in the end with Gabe’s hoodie pulled it together nicely…Thanks milkboys.

  2. Cute (both him and the story) and funny (gluing hair to his armpits) …. but l never knew any boy around that age that was so desperate for some armpit hair …. I’m pretty sure we all knew the hair would grow out soon enough. But I did like that idea of writing anonymous questions to put in a bowl.

  3. but the true brilliance of the movie was that an obviously gay/bi boy’s biggest problem in highschool would something as “normal” as the fact that he’s late bloomer and not gee for example being harrased by peers because of his sexuality. Nice! :-)

  4. I found this story to be an interesting “parallel” to the “celebrity images” that cute/’pretty’ entertainment guys usually do when they seem to think their “cuteness/prettiness” is somehow going be a “detriment” to their continuing careers. These cute celebrities are quick to grow facial hair (any hair) of some sort just to make them look “more adult/sexual”. [And this story also shows how ridiculous it is trying to pretend to be someone you aren’t but are trying to “cover it up”.] What the entertainers quickly fail to understand is that it’s (quite often) that very cuteness/prettiness which allowed them to got into the entertainment industry in the first place — so they can start “earning” those large salaries/royalties, etc. Youthful looks holds more sway than any real talent (witness: Justin Bieber).

    The nice thing about this story is that even though he’s “embarrassed” about being “hairless”, it’s not that attribute that attracts his desire.

  5. That was an adorable story. Loved how Shane came to him in the end, showed having armpit hair did not matter to him, he liked Gabe just for being Gabe. After-all, that’s what counts.

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