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Nicolas notices that his eleven year old son Xavier spends his time not only playing drums, but also paying attention to a certain type of boys.

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  1. Duh, which kid wouldn’t spend his time with surfer boys rather than girls? ;)
    Sweet video, great dad, the kids’ acting could be more natural, but overall nice. The continuity errors made me wonder if these carrots had some special meaning…

    It’s great to see the British Council supporting this video, I am not sure Brazil will have a lot of support for LGBT art over the next years.

    Somehow I can’t view the embedded video on Firefox, but the direct facebook link works fine, other browsers too, or apparently, if you live in Asia. For those who may need the direct link:

  2. Not really very LGBT for a boy to be attracted to another boy, though. In real life he would not grow up to be gay in the modern sense. Only in a feminist imagination…

  3. What’s so special about this movie/video that even your post doesn’t appear (except for the text only)?

    What country is it from?

  4. The ‘other’ message here is that we don’t see ourselves, especially as we enter adolescence. We don’t realize the ways we innocently and unknowingly reveal our orientation. We don’t see when our parents see us, and they rarely fail to draw the necessary conclusions from observing our curiosities. Hence the realization that “Mom knew.” Moms always know. And in this wonderful little video, Dads with the time to watch us get the message too. Unless your parents live under a rock, ‘coming out’ is often not only anti-climactic, but wise and enlightened parents may even pre-empt our momentous announcement by asking ‘the question.’

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