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  1. That made me say “fuck”, and I’m sure my eyes popped out on cartoon like stalks, when he appeared in view.

  2. 😜You might as well just have a cheap toupee or a dead rat on your head than a hair cut like that!

  3. We’ve found the solution… grab that hair & hold him down while fucking him… no worries about messing it up.

  4. Just to inform you …… in the latest (Jun 24, ’19) New Yorker magazine, there’s a full 5-page article all about Troye Sivan entitlted, “My Youth Is Yours.” Check it out if you can (online, too).

  5. He needs a regular thorough daily hard ass spankings. He needs more than a few face slappings. He needs more than torture to make him like some one in particular. NO ? OH. Do wood like to play with him. He can spank and slap and do more as the two two of can / might have fun. WISH.

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