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    1. I also like the “Kitty” or White ones better, so I wish the last part of the cartoon was of the boy wearing them. LOL

  1. Do figure that all undy stuff is for the same purpose. For some peoples, all there is is a fronty and a backie, may be, For moderns, the undy is to contain wee pee, dirty and wet farts, and other oozes. Those with a dickie and balls are not the same as those with flaps and clit. OOOZ is of either. Not the same physically. Understand not the dirty thinking here. CUTE cartoon. Idiotic and cute. c

  2. I have had the pleasure for the last few weeks of the company of a twink 19 yo who is stunningly cute, well built and very much would be a milkie for everyone here to drool over. I however am old enough to be his father plus a few years. As we were rubbing our hard members together I confided in him that this is what my 10yo self and 10yo cousin and I would do. He told me he messed around with his cousin when he was 11 and cousin was 14, in a literal closet space. After a few times his cousin turned him into a bottom boy. He told me he still sees his cousin and they still mess around. He first sent me a picture of him in a pair of skimpy girl panties. When I questioned him about wearing them when we met he said he did not have them. But to my surprise when I dropped his pants he was wearing them. The next time we met he had on regular boy undies, and of course he was hot as hell in them too. Just yesterday we met up again and as we are standing and feeling each other, I had his shirt off, dropped his pants, and there were the same girl panties again. As I was feeling the inside of his girl panties of his backside, and since his is taller than me he is leaning over my shoulder rubbing my back. I whispered in his ear if 11 year old you would wear girl panties, he responded very softly with a yeeeesssss!

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