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  1. Nice looking desk! Looks to possibly be old. I wonder if it really is/might be antique? Is this in America or Europe? And good for him to have a plant on the desk — seldom see something like that in America with teens. Interesting lamp as well.

    Oh, yeah, the guy is pretty good looking, too. :-)

  2. Luv this guy. Handsome, slim and fit, and what a power bottom! – takes it and likes it. A boy’s boy if there ever was one.

  3. Cloven SEX VULTURES’ claws snatch this body. They take off, go up, fly away with it to make a donate to a woods where in they let this body be a tree fuck slave, or, a SKYCLAD. Some thing like that. The panty of the body they do return as tribute as a sign of their WIN. Is this a lie ? No more a lie than a killer bees’ sing after a deadly sting. No more false than a dandelions’ whisper as it sends off its fluff for a following yellowing spring. A fucking inaccurate ? YES. THANKS. Do try.

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