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      1. Calvin Klein isn’t sold in Europe?? …… [/s]

        I would think you just need to order online if you don’t see it in your stores.

      2. They are very easily available direct from their website and many other online retailers such as amazon etc

  1. Wonderwear Wednesday *49 milkboys 2018-08-08 … Danil Cherkis …
    — According to FEM-DOM, FEMALES RULE, EGGPOWER, and other MALE-evolent doctrines, this DANIL CHERKAS needs correcting. There are GAYS who agree. There are “males” who do not disagree.
    — Re-read Sigmund Freud’s notes about the penis. His very dry humor says that it is not his idea, PENIS ENVY… Such comes from his patients. He means that PENIS ENVY, and the love of the penis, also, is as old as the penis. Why do they hire him in England for psych warfare ? “Some times a cigar is only a cigar.” THAT is his dry humorous famous comment.
    — Muxsch jealous hate makes this DANIL CHERKIS an adult version of why many hate boys. It is not just little girls who squeeze and hit balls.
    — Many will have a hard time after looking at this DANIL CHERKIS photo / picture and will dis-regard the start of this comment. Some will hate this writer’s comments.
    — Am having fun here with DANIL CHERKIS. Am playing. around. about.
    — 😎 🍸ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

  2. His muscle definition looks a bit odd… it’s like he focuses solely on his abs and ignores all his other muscle groups when he works out.

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