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  1. Wonderwear Wednesday *48 milkboys 2018-07-18 …
    — Is this an AMERICAN EAGLE advertisement, or, a fuckerama, or, both ? Hope it is both. Like both. The ad is 3. Like very much the blue stary undy. This viewer’s react makes 4. Future shopping makes 5 (with memory in mind). Enjoy this.
    — Q — Does 1 plus 1 equal 2 ? —A — One what? Equal what? Plus what? How the fuck am I to know ? (Severe spanking.)
    — Actually do buy and own MADE IN POLAND light bulbs. YES ! Honest ! Old USSR joke about the Polish factory … for real …
    —– USSR Inspector — Why is that light bulb out ?
    —– Polish worker — It is day time. Do not need it.
    —– USSR Inspector at night time — Why is that light bulb out?
    —– Polish worker — What light bulb? It is night time. Can not see it.
    —– ! (The rest of the joke is obvious.) — The post reminds me of two of Polish workers do meet. Never forget. They all tell of the USSR jokes.

      1. POLICE — How come you have pictures of under age 18 boys on your computer ?
        A — They are of those legal in Germany where from get them.
        POLICE — They are not legal here.
        A — OK. Will do it no more.
        POLICE — NO. You are easier to get than any one else. Years in jail for you in the USA. “Easier to get you than them”, actual quote.
        A — But, what about ‘them’ ?
        POLICE — “Cannot see them”, actual quote. . .

  2. A bad news, a very bad news.
    You know that I’m Iranian and live in Iran. You know that Iran has the most strange rules and culture against homo’s. Wednesdays I’m usually alone in the office. That was a great opportunity to come here and surf the web, etc. for browsing materials I need. No one knows that and should never know. No one knows that I’m different. Now they’re going to put cameras against us. Maybe because of controlling who comes and goes and preventing steals. But, my God, it’s me, here alone, have to avoid everything I need. I had only Wednesdays for appeasing my needs, even if not at the most, at least at the least degree, just browse. Now I’ve not event the opportunity. Help me, please. Tell me what can I do. It’s a very bad situation.

    1. “It’s a very bad situation.”

      And to think, you love that fucked up “religion” [actually, it is Socio-Political Ideology]. Now you’re witnessing first-hand exactly WHY I call them that.


      “Help me, please. Tell me what can I do. ”

      First thing, DUMP THAT STUPID “RELIGION” … then start getting your life (and mind!) back to normal. And don’t look back.

  3. Oh my! I didn’t think someone else in this blog is from my country. Introduce yourself to me please and tell whether you’re residing in Iran.
    And Proton, as I asked the camera installer, they’ll be just for monitoring our monitors! The only remained way as I’m using now is my cell phone!
    And Penboy, would you please don’t get angry every time you answer me?! They are unlikely religious. They just want to make sure we really work!

  4. As Dyer kind of writes it, these are of SPACE PANTS. ! !
    POLICE Q – Why do you like young boys ?
    A – Why do they call you a dick ?
    Police Q – Answer the fucking question ! [ he shouts].
    A – Is this a form of fucking ? mmmm, uh, questionable ?
    Police Q – You want a fuck I’ll put you in jail with the niggers and the trash !
    A – Niggars are a selfish. Do I get only their trash ?
    POLICE Q – (actual cop q in interrogation) Do you want your ass hole ripped ? I mean bloody ripped ? (Also exact as a rapist asks as refuse his overature.)

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