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  1. Nice looking, nice bodies.


    Let’s see now, what will be the next raging “technology?” Since ‘smart’ phones will be with us …. forever? now, what’s next?

    How about this? “Waterproof” pockets in swimwear for phones. Since they [Samsung?] already have a [somewhat] waterproof phone — swimwear will need a “pocket” so you’ll never be far from your phone. By 2020, you think?

    1. all this rubbish is a poison for society we once we’ll regret we ever let it into our lives

      1. Not until a solar flare takes out all our satellites and everyone born after 1995 perishes in the chaos that follows.

          1. Well, the last bit was more of a joke then anything else, but the part about solar flares taking out the satellites is something that keeps folks at NASA up at night…. and should prolly be a concern for everyone else as well.

    1. I think [right now] David Hogg is quite the looker. And Cameron Kasky is no slouch, either. I’m rooting for both of them.

  2. So nice to see boys’ swimwear returning to the styles we enjoyed in the past. Their short, tight suits are larger than speedos, but nothing like the completely idiotic ‘board shorts” that afflict and insult the mouthwatering bodies of teens and twinks.

  3. cute boys, nice bodies, great hair. And yes I can see a little David Hogg there. He is hot too.

  4. Speaking of Hogg, the Oklahoma legislature just passed, with veto-proof majorities, and sent to the Governor, a bill that would make The Sooner State the latest to enact Constitutional Carry – any citizen lawfully allowed to possess a handgun may carry it concealed at discretion, no permit required. Of course, airports, schools, and other prohibited places are excluded.

    Other states recognizing Constitutional Carry are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming. A limited form of permitless concealed carry is allowed in Montana and New Mexico.

    Huck Fogg

      1. We ‘civilians’ have much better aim than the police – the hit rate for police officers involved in shootouts is between 18% and 30% depending on department. That’s a lot of lead going … where? Sadly, a lot of it ends up in the bodies of innocent bystanders, sometimes even in other police officers.

        Civilians are much more accurate, with a hit rate approaching 80%, and innocent bystanders only being shot in 2% of events.

        There are some very good reasons for our relative success. First, we practice more. A lot more. Law enforcement officers, on average, are only required to qualify on their ranges a couple of times a year. I’m at the range a couple of times a month, meaning in an average year, I get over 10 times the practice time a typical LEO gets. Second, most civilians who carry are deep in the gun culture – we select our guns to match our preferences – size, weight, caliber, grip angles, sights, and so forth. We buy the guns that are a perfect fit. LEOs have to carry what they’re issued, regardless of their comfort level with that particular model. Relatively few cops are really “into guns” at all. Third, many of us buy gunpowder, primers, brass cases and bullets and load our own ammunition, tailoring by trial and error our cartridges’ specs to the performance characteristics of our individual weapons. This maximizes the gun’s potential accuracy.
        Countless interviews by researchers with incarcerated violent felons reveal they are universally much more fearful of shooting it out with armed civilians than they are of the police.

    1. “Speaking of Hogg, … Huck Fogg”

      Why are you denigrating a sensible TEENAGER who just wants to stay alive while going to school? That shows just how fucking STUPID YOU ARE with regard to ANYTHING related to guns and that asinine Second Amendment. David (and his movement) isn’t out to take away any guns … but you’re too fucking brainwashed about that S.A. and the NRA to understand even the least bit of common sense.

      And that Second Amendment … let’s review that with 2 [which should be] mandatory questions:
      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      So, mister gun IDIOT:

      1) What regulated Militia have you joined or plan to join?

      2) What free State do you need to secure?

      The answer to BOTH of those is NONE and NONE. So, by PURE LOGIC, if you’re not joining any militia and are not securing any free state, then what the fuck do you need any guns for — especially guns for mass killing of people?

      1. This thread was first hijacked over cellphones; I only re-hijacked it over gun control. I thought my apology below would be the last word necessary, I guess not.

        So, without further argument, my dear, dear, dearest Penboy, who wakes up at night screaming my name and hugging his pillow, I will give you the last word, and in the fine tradition, to be set in future history by Sarak the Vulcan, I declare peace in our time.

        1. “Penboy, who wakes up at night screaming my name and hugging his pillow”

          If I were to EVER wake up at night screaming a name, it would more likely be David Hogg’s name [hugging my pillow], and NOT yours. He’s a damn sight better looking and it seems, more intelligent than you. [What speech have you ever given that was broadcast nationally? {And for the record, his ending stance with his fist held up was pretty hot.}]

  5. I thought this was a post about the two cute boys in underwear briefs yet the utter drab crap about guns above from horseslips ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ has nothing to do with the boys in question.

    Seems people try to take over posts with this crap and I wonder where this once wonderful site is going.

    1. Once in a great while a thread gets hijacked – it all began when somebody up above strayed from the boys in the pic to David Hogg, and probably thanks to me, it went down the drain after that. I apologize; it’s just that Hogg is very controversial and he provokes an almost visceral reaction.

      Toughen up there, Alex. Don’t be a snowflake. A wandering thread is not the end of the world. You still have your ‘safe space’ here.

      Milkboys is still a wonderful site, and unique among the countless sites on the Internet.

      1. Admit it, you just want your hot poker near his butt, like that guy who got fired (parapraxis, if I ever saw it) ;-)

      2. “it’s just that Hogg is very controversial and he provokes an almost visceral reaction.”

        1. How is it/Why is a teen still in high school that’s only trying to get automatic/assault weapons [for mass human killing] outlawed to:
        ….. 1) Minors — UNDER 21?
        ….. 2) Mentally ill (regardless of age)?
        ….. 3) Those on the record for domestic abuse … or any abuse by the police and/or the courts?
        ….. 4) Anyone convicted of ANY felony?

        How is that “controversial” in any way?

        2. How/Why would anyone have a negative visceral [gut] reaction to a high school teen like him?

        So, horsey, DIRECTLY ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS that won’t make you look like a horse’s ASS.

  6. Hollywood Whore… Whores, excuse me… or insta dolls… it’s like the skinny model girls that everyone complains about… it puts every one under pressure, who can’t keep up with this kind of body index… I prefer a more natural approach to beauty… something I can not break when it gets a bit rough… and someone who can talk about a bit more than just the latest gossip… sry if I went a bit off topic xD

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