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  1. It has been said that beauty is only skin deep. That’s OK, I like skin. Skin works for me, especially when it’s clean, clear and smooth like his.

  2. I don’t like to see that line of hair making its way up his stomach which means he’s getting close to his expire date.

    1. You don’t know much about navel hair, do you? If he were getting more hair up to / on his chest, at his age now, it would already be showing (assuming he hasn’t shaved it already).

      What I find humorous is that a lot of guys will leave their navel hair down to the “belt/undies waist band level” and then shave all the rest downward — just so they look “manly” when they take off their shirts. But as soon as they stretch “upwards” — the shaving is revealed.

  3. He is so beautiful : the face, the blond hair, the color of the skin, the bathing suit (underwear?);
    seen in April, from Québec, Canada (where I am) he makes me dream of
    my Paradise Island : Mykonos, Greece.

  4. How anyone can find anything to complain about with this guy is beyond me. “His middle finger is 1/4 inch longer than his index finger. Ewww! Not for me1!!!

    1. Granted he’s not “boy” in any literal sense. I don’t think many of hearts would survive that.

    2. “His middle finger is 1/4 inch longer than his index finger.”

      And you measured that, how?

  5. He is just impossibly stunning, my eyes get wet….and my throat dry. Point finale.

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