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This Wonderwear Wednesday is an odd one: it’s the first (and probably last) time that it features a guy who’s actually not that pretty. The story behind the picture was just too weird to let it pass though. wonderwearwednesday003Above you see a recent Calvin Klein ad featuring Justin Bieber. This one caused a bit of a controversy after a gif turned up that implied that this photo was indeed photoshopped to make Justin look better equipped than he is. You can see this gif on the side. These allegations didn’t fly with Justin’s legal team, they forced the creator of the gif to put up a statement in which he explains that, according to Bieber, the ad is not photoshopped. Justin’s trainer also chimed in, claiming that he’s well endowed for American standards.


Update: Both pictures where photoshopped.

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  1. Robert DeNiro’s tattoo’s in the movie Cape Fear were much more interesting.

    At any rate, who is this young man?

    He’s rather handsome were it not for all that ink!

  2. There have been a lot of photos on J.B. going around over the past years. No, he is not well endowed. Now all that aside I have in the past thought he was a cute skinny twink. But time has ruined him. Not only in looks but in personality. Such a shame Pop Music ruined what used to be a great kid.

  3. Ok, this post is downright funny ….. especially since it’s been leaked that the original photo of Beiber just wasn’t …. how should we say it? — wasn’t packing as much “package” as the Calvin Klein photos would suggest.

    “… it’s the first (and probably last) time that it features a guy who’s actually not that pretty”

    Well, he might not be “pretty” …. but he’s certainly not bad looking, either (to me). I do think his body is hot …. just wish he didn’t have all those tattooes. But it stops at looks …. I think he’s pretty talentLESS. Would I watch a porn with him in it (at this age!)….. sure.

  4. “There’s always Ronan Parke if you want to see a cutie in Calvins”

    Boxers? Who wants to look at …. boxers?

  5. Everything’s photoshopped….in this case the ad agency/client done wrong imo, in todays scene the photoshopped thin version would sell more Justin Beibers than the photoshopped thick version for sure….and as for the paint job ….

  6. This boy had success in very young age, and now he is too much superb. This ruined his personality, that was good once ago. I wish him well, mostly to understand how his behaviour is wrong and realize where his personality has to be mended, it would be even for his own goodness, and the way he could feel better by himself and with others. For example, compared to Michael Jackson he is nobody, but Michael never sinned of haughtiness. Poor Michael, how much still I love you. I’m sure Ronan Parke would have been friend of Michael, because among good people it’s natural to fall in friendship, and I love Ronan so much. I really would like to have a boyfriend like him, if we were the same age.

    1. @It’s Only Me:
      ” … JB to wave his accoutrements around on live TV.”

      I’ve read online that he also has a penis tattoo …. but like so much of his “news”, it could well be just a rumor. If he does have one, I’d love to see it ….. just to see what his “taste” is down there.

  7. In all seriousness though despite his money and his fame I think he is a white trash obnoxious piece of shit and I really wish Orlando Bloom had landed a stronger punch. Absolutely no redeeming features and looks like a total chav here.

    1. I’m not a fan of the current Bieber, but is classist language such as “white trash” and “chav” ever really the answer?

  8. Eeeew can you hide that guy behind a NSFW tag next time? I really dislike looking at him. And post something new soon please, to not have this on the top of the page. Thank you!

  9. Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein boxers, photoshopped version or not, who cares. The guy has turned into a walking piece of bad art with all those horrible tattoos. Such a shame to see a nice Canadian boy being led so far astray. :(

  10. I think it’s sad to see the amount of hate this guy gets.
    He’s done nothing that plenty of other celebrities haven’t done as well, some of which get hailed as rock stars for doing so.

    I believe it’s simply because of his young age (and the fact that he has achieved so much success at that age) that some people started to hate him. Jealousy perhaps.
    Others then followed suit and it has now become very fashionable to hate on him, even if you know nothing about what he does.

    It’s similar to the hate (though much worse) that the band Nickelback gets. Nobody really knows why, but everyone talks bad about them.

    It might be true that he’s just a creation of some producer and that he’s not as talented as a lot of other singers, but I think it’s unfair to say that he’s talentless. He’s obviously got more talent than the average Joe, even if he was simply lucky to have been picked amongst many other potential teen heartthrobs.

    Unfortunately it’s the way of anything that becomes too popular, or rather, it becomes “mainstream”. Boybands are strong candidates I believe.

    I think that if he wasn’t “Justin Bieber”, people would say he was pretty good looking and a decent singer. That’s what gave him his success.

    I’m sorry for the rant. I hope you all understand that this isn’t meant towards any of you specifically. It’s not that I’m a fan of his or anything like that. I just get upset when millions of people get together to bully another human being and almost even celebrate the fact that they do so.

    Anyways, in the regards to the photoshopping, the “skinny” version doesn’t look very real, does it? It seems to be his head is way out of proportion compared to his body. I imagine that they’re probably both photoshopped :)

    1. @Konoha:

      I generally agree with your post except for this:
      “… but I think it’s unfair to say that he’s talentless.”

      I don’t. When someone is “discovered” supposedly for their TALENT and not just because he’s the cutest one of the day, I expect to experience the TALENT for their discovery.

      In 2008, a Hawaiian friend of mine who we chatted together on a daily basis, “demanded” I watch a video he sent me the link for in YouTube. I told him the TRUTH …. he’s a CUTE boy, but he couldn’t sing worth a dam — he was so OFFTUNE in most of that video. So, my friend had to send me a few more video links. I think it took watching at least 4 videos by JB at that time (I think he was 13?) before I could say to my friend that he’s “so-so” as a singer, but yeah, he’s CUTE.

      I have later heard several of his studio recordings of his hits and I watched the movie, “Never Say Never” and I’ve never heard a singer who garnishes so much attention that sings so bad — near constant OUT OF TUNE.

  11. How does his trainer know about the package dimensions?
    Also, stop it with the Bieber hate, it’s really getting old.

    1. Why wouldn’t his trainer have seen his “package”? Do you really think one straight guy turns his head and covers his eyes when another straight guy strips to get into or out of a shower after a workout or for any other reason? Idem for the same question about Affleck and Damon. I know American men and boys now fall into a dead faint if they happen to see or be seen naked by another man in school or in a commercial gym nowadays, but that’s a case of mass hysteria not a natural human reaction.

      1. @Bob:
        “I know American men and boys now fall into a dead faint if they happen to see or be seen naked by another man in school or in a commercial gym nowadays, but that’s a case of mass hysteria not a natural human reaction.”

        That’s a great statement. Thanks for that — it lightened up my day!

        1. For once I actually agree with you. The changing rooms at my local pool always used to be open and i and other guys could not care less about changing and showering naked. Now though it is all enclosed cubicles. To protect the kiddies I guess but at sports clubs etc I guess it is very much as it has always been: communal changing rooms and showers. Sadly prudishness is creeping in even in Europe no doubt based on US/Uk influence. I was told off for changing into my bathers on an Italian beach by Italian friends even though the hem of my shirt meant nobody could actually see anything.

  12. For a lgbt community your fucking judgemental – like reading 10 times “ruined his personality” – we all don’t know him personally so how could anyone know how his personality has been ruined. Anyone who’s that judgmental has a bad personality.

    But funny story – and i think it has been photoshopped as it is shown in the gif.

    1. You only have to look at his behaviour to see he has turned into a total asshole. He used to trade on a wholesome, Christian boy next door image as a kid no doubt to get approval from US moms who dislike anything edgy. However it just shows that money and fame do not really bring contentment. For all his cash it will only be a downward trend from now on thanks to the crap he has done. No doubt it is the people he hangs out with mixed with immaturity that is to blame plus a desire to shed the cutsy boy image. However he should have kept being a good boy and then perhaps he could have held on a bit like Justin Timberlake and Mark Wahlberg. Most of you guys are probably too young to remember “New Kids on The Block” but they were edgy but now he is a clean cut actor so meh there is hope.

      As for his dick who cares. Most American girls if they knew he was intact would probably be put off anyway given all the circumcision propaganda that still exists in the US and reports are that he still has his hood ;)

      1. @whiterabbit:
        “I would still suck his cock, and swallow as well.”

        I think a lot more than just you would do [both] as well, but are too embarrassed to admit to it.

  13. @Vera:
    “… but is classist language such as “white trash” and “chav” ever really the answer?”

    I’d have to agree with you on that statement.

  14. I am sure there is someone driving around Norfolk with Grindr on to spot young Ronan’s moment of passion, now that he is 16 and legal.

  15. This post like nearly all posted on here is once again taken over by Penboy who always wants to argue with wthatever anyone says …. freedom of speech comes to mind.

    Justin Bieber looks just fine in those CK photos and I don’t think such a world famous company like CK would allow ‘over the top’ photoshopping of any of their models. What he has or doesn’t have in his pants is for him to know and us never to find out.

    Just enjoy the photos … there is enough hate and troubles in the world without having to worry about the likes of Bieber.

    1. @”Callum” or whatever his name du jour is (from under the bridges):
      “This post like nearly all posted on here is once again taken over by Penboy who always wants to argue with wthatever anyone says …. freedom of speech comes to mind.”

      Could you please email me a nice, fresh hankie? Mine’s all wet with tears.

  16. Coming in two and a half years later on this comment thread, and I’m laughing. The “thin” picture was the Photoshop job, which anyone could tell if they actually looked at it. They can hide how crappy it was with the GIF, where you only get half a second to look at it, but once it’s still it’s obviously fake.

    And anyway, he’s been photographed in the nude a couple of times now, and he’s definitely packing. (And definitely that muscled, too.)

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