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  1. What? This editing is bad. Have you ever done any editing? It would have taken less than a day to make this look better, but he probably decided to rush it and didn’t care about how it looked.

    1. “Have you ever done any editing?”
      Nothing to brag about. And you might be right about a more serious editor. But ….

      “This editing is bad.”
      Considering what I encounter on multiple sites on a daily basis, this isn’t that bad … maybe inexperienced, but so what? — look at his age. This is a damn sight better than so many other videos on YouTube.

      1. I collaborate with a 14 year old who creates amazing, professional quality paintings. So age isn’t an excuse. This is shit editing. Plain and simple.

        1. “I collaborate with a 14 year old who creates amazing, professional quality paintings.”

          Not everyone is a 14 year old Geek. And what do paintings have to do with video/video editing?

          1. The point was that age isn’t an excuse to be bad at something. You can be a professional level artist at 14 and you can be a professional level editor. Age is no excuse to be shitty at something.

        2. The point is, that age isn’t a demand to be “professional level” at anything that doesn’t interest you all that much, but you can do things on a “part time” level. This boy might just prefer to be a doctor, lawyer or fireman later on (to be “professional level”) but still dabble in a bit of video fun as he sees fit.

          It’s hardly “shitty” as you described, but it’s certainly good enough to show his friends on social media.

    2. There is always someone who has to complain. Why can’t you just enjoy watching a cute boy without being a critic?

    1. Thank you. I was wonder if/when someone would post something about that story. It’s so cute!

      This is the best part of that story:
      “‘One of the five boys did get in trouble — because it was too short.’
      “Another boy was reportedly told to change because his legs were too hairy, according to So Thursday, some older teens brought razors to fix that problem, according to the news site.”

  2. What has the ,two comments above to do with the cute boy in this post ?????

    Cute boy and no complaints from me about the editing.

    1. Stan. Who the hell elected you comment Nazi? Anymore of that nonsense and I’ll spank your bare arse until it’s sore with my bare hands. You can give me a sore arse back. But no hands allowed from you. So what else do you possess that can give me a sore arse?

  3. Does anyone know the brand name (maker) of his underwear? I don’t recognize the style. Very interesting … a very nice “whole package” bulge prominence.

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