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    1. ~Being thin seems like a thing for today’s youth. Some are naturally that way while others strive for it, better than being overweight, that’s a major problem in more than one way.

      😘Oh yeah he’s not only slim but cute too, love that spot of color on his cheek!

  1. I know this is just a selfie into a mirror … but it’s so easy to just FLIP THE IMAGE so that we can at least look at him as if we were in front of him.

    “there is such a thing as being too thin”
    Are you seeing a ribcage? Then he’s not necessarily too thin.

    1. I agree. He has a thin build and is probably carrying the appropriate weight for his build, but I may be biased since I’ve been following him since he first appeared in the forums here.

  2. People always bring up weight here. You may have grown up a chubby kid, but some of us were thin as rails despite eating like a horse. Don’t assume all thin guys are anorexic, body image obsessed twigs. I didn’t put any weight on until my mid-30s. These comments are what lead to body image issues. He’s sexy now. He’ll be sexy when he puts on a few pounds.

      1. 😈Not me, he’s a dream! Love the way so many boys nowadays are so fit and slim and those friggin abs… to die for!
        ~Besides I’m down to 210 from 275 since Sept. Now if I could just break 200, I keep fluctuating between 210 & 205 which drives me bananas; I blame my ‘fat’ scale… it tends to lie😜!

        1. Plain oatmeal is the key!

          I seriously want to take this cutie, lick his back and f**k him for hours and hours

  3. This boy wonderware Wednesday28 he is so cute he looks good in his undies I don’t know went to meaning of this picture of him is about maybe he is taking a selfie on himself Maybe he is proud of his cute looks

  4. This guy is nothing short of sensational!
    Being into bondage myself I could imagine me exploring this dude
    whilst he is secured strongly.

  5. My crowning life achievement was matching with this beautiful human on Tinder. Too bad he wasn’t in town longer :'(

  6. This boy he’s so cute, he looks good half naked in his underwear, he has a nice bulge, and a nice body, I would love what you get into his underwear

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