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  1. OK, nice body and interesting “package”. But I’d really prefer to see the face of these “selfies”.

    1. I wonder if that’s a hardon, semi or flaccid? Either way I want that up my boypussy.

      1. “I wonder if that’s a hardon, semi or flaccid? ”

        From my experience, I’d put money on either full or semi-erection or somewhere in between, but not flaccid.

  2. Regarding this post:

    Ok, just checked the Donation page at the bottom of the site, you say that on Patreon $200 will cover monthly costs for the server?

    You’re currently on $210 on Patreon alone, and reached plus exceeded your gofundme campaign?

    Please advise why you need more than $200 to cover server costs per month for this site? Either you’re being ripped off by your service provider, and need to find a better host, or this is just … bleh?

    And before the whole spill, yes, I am a website and graphic designer so am aware of uptime costs of websites, albeit, multiple websites for my clients, which one has over 5,000+ nurses checking the site and editing the database daily.

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