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  1. @Mike:
    “Oh! An elf with a package!”

    Well, since “Santa” got so damn fat so he can’t see his anymore, he needs Elves like this to market to the adults now. And it’s Elves like him who slide down chimneys today since the old man is too fat to fit inside one. Aren’t you glad of this? :-)

      1. “We should ask Miss Devilena, she knows who’s who in demon-land.”
        ☞Why bother, I was sure that you’d be whining about the fact that we had this very same lovely last Xmas?
        Guess you don’t remember the really cute ones…

        1. Miss Devilena:

          OK, I’ll offer a “truce” (somewhat) — but only if you promise to change your image (or at least your clothes) and wipe off that grotesque lipstick.

          Allow me to propose a “new look” for you and your high heels:

          Don’t need to bother thanking me ….. just throw CA$H.

    1. I’m sure he has a vast supply of semen, but he appears to me to not be a demon. The rhyme is cute, however.

  2. This photo suggests that Santa has been long misrepresented! In reality he is a very attractive, slender, older teenage boy who keeps his gifts in his under-wear and lives in a temperate climate rather than the North Pole. Everyone gets the same gift, but few are left disgruntled. If one is an especially fine gentleman, multiple gifts may be bestowed from his small assortment and if one is imaginative, a very Merry Christmas may be had by mixing and multiple uses of what’s available. I will be a much nicer “fag” this year in hope of being given free-rein amongst the goodies in Santa’s bulging shorts: temptation, get thee behind me!

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