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    1. If by JB you mean that hideous canuck talent vacuum may I humbly suggest you pop off to your ophthalmologist post-haste.

      He went by the name Lux Joseph and I followed him on various social medium until earlier this year went he suddenly closed everything down. He not only was a very beautiful young man but was quite artistic and had a wonderfully sarcastic out look on life, he was such fun.I think he got fed up with the unrelenting trolls. And like that… poof… he’s gone.

      He was mature enough to know once a picture is posted on the interweb it is there for ever but I wouldn’t want to cause him any distress, if you are watching and want them removing contact me and I will close the post immediately.

      Otherwise, you’ll find a snapshot of my collection here;

      1. Thank you for the update, Kinkynik, I wondered why he seemed to vanish.
        He’s posts also seemed to indicate that he’s either the child of wealthy parents or has quite the income himself.

  1. @kinkynik
    “If by JB you mean that hideous canuck talent vacuum may I humbly suggest you pop off to your ophthalmologist post-haste.”
    ❦One does not need glasses to appreciate the beauty of this young gentleman, my statement only referred to the fact that that he was eyes on hands off best only to be be admired from afar. No matter what he’s doing now I wish him the best.

    Thanks for the additional pics, per usual you’ve got a lovely selection, one that does not distract from his uncomingly good looks and natural grace. Thanks😀

  2. Mellow Yellow. ….. Very good looking. Thanks for posting this, josh.

    I’ve always held and amazement that [humans in general] can have hair this “bright yellow”. It’s a very pretty color, to be sure. Most that I’ve seen with yellow hair usually grow darker to some degree as they age. I can only imagine how his hair looked when he was younger (if his hair has indeed grown darker since).

    Oh, yes, he has very nice blue eyes as well. :-)

    1. Ooops. Should have been, “I’ve always held an amazement …” Sorry about that, my mistake.

  3. This boy he is so cute, if me and him was friends I would love him up, he has a nice body, he looks good half naked in his underwear, he has a nice bulge, and I love it, you know he would look really good naked, I would love to see him naked, I would love to get into his underwear, the front

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