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  1. damn where’d he got those kind of aussiebums? never seen one of those… or are those styles oldschools that aussiebum doesnt sell them anymore

  2. Sorry, my first comment seems to have disappeared. Again:

    Wonderwear? I clicked on the image and …… no change …… you cut off half of the “Wonder”. Couldn’t you find a better “wonder” than this with all the tumblrs on the Internet?

    There’s a reason I named it “Wonderwear” Wednesday.

    Go to any straight blog and you’ll find some bimbo’s breasts practically squeezing themselves out from any cloth trying to hold them “in place”.

    1. You are indeed a man of wealth and taste Louis.

      I couldn’t have phrased the comment better, myself.

      He is a truly lovely boi, thanx Josh.

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