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  1. today i had an experience. i found myself too engaged with feelings about boys. u know that i’ve never had one and this hurts my heart. i tried a different solution. since i can’t have one, i may try not to think about them. i may try to avoid instead. to explain better, one way is to be involved with this feeling and have a boy for yourself. another way is to keep yourself away from this feeling and try not to require to have such feeling not to need a boy.
    at first it was horribly hard. i used to browse beautiful pix in forums/groups/here & there in the internet. one moment i stopped and tried to ban myself, like when there’s no internet. this led me to a satisfactory situation after less than two days. when i came back to what i needed at the beginning of the “fast”, i found that i’m not as thirsty as when i began. i hope i could explain good so that you may understand.
    now i’m going to continue this way. what will be at the end? maybe my requirements will change. imagine! may i not to be sexually attracted to boys anymore when i reach at the end of this way? now i feel more “free”. when there’s no requirement, it’s not important to have a boy or not.
    hey just try it. it’s so so hard, i see. but it gets easier if you’re intent when time passes. easier and easier until you get “free”.
    maybe some day, i will not be engaged… i hope.

    1. @jaackov:
      “[Essentially this: Build up …. hold back …. release; Build up …. hold back …. release; etc.]”

      We’ve exchanged comments before so you know of me — I don’t mince words. So, here goes:
      You are an emotional suicide bomb that is just waiting to be detonated.

      Basically, you’ve just described someone [you] who experiences regular emotional “wet dreams,” not sure exactly why, but you know need to do something about it [even your name suggests this: “jack-off”]. Youu keep referring to your desires of liking boys, yet immediately afterward, you beat yourself up by thinking/talking about these desires. Unfortunately, you continue to allow your religion to have near complete control of your mind and desires.

      Nearly every post you’ve made before suggests that you simply don’t know how (or refuse to accept the natural way) to break away from that religious doctrine and think for yourself. You always keep saying that to love another male is “unnatural” and against your “teachings”. But you still come back online here and express your deep desires before you state you must regress back into the teachings of that stupid islam.

      You need to realize and accept very soon that it’s not your thoughts that are “bad” but instead, what’s bad is allowing any religious control over your mind. The sooner you realize and accept this, the sooner you will cast off any “demons” you think are the cause of such deeply personal and human desires. Islam is the furthest thing from anything naturally “human”.

  2. I read ”jaackov”, wherever that is from, and I feel the same kind of feeling. Not the same as. But I feel that thinking kind of thinking. I love boys since I was a boy-teen and I can do nothing about it back then as it is not a permissible thing then nor is it now. I give up. I fantasize and masturbate for all my years of love and loving, and, so, on, and on I go. I do not ever touch nobody at all ever in any way at all, not even a kiss. But it is a boy or a boy man or a young boyish man. LOVE. You, jaackov, do try to explain and write it out.
    Work harder at that. writing!!! :-)

    The little gif above says it is ”Found by The Little Viking” and is cute. Nice. Thanks to MILKBOY webmaster for providence. :-)

  3. “He had two lives: one, open, seen and known by all who cared to know, full of relative truth and of relative falsehood, exactly like the lives of his friends and acquaintances; and another life running its course in secret. And through some strange, perhaps accidental, conjunction of circumstances, everything that was essential, of interest and of value to him, everything in which he was sincere and did not deceive himself, everything that made the kernel of his life, was hidden from other people.”
    ― Anton Chekhov

    1. WOW. ψ ƊℯѵιԼ♥♂ and the quote from Anton Chekhov is a wow. Anton Chekhov describes a liar of experience and invisibility, not a liar of, nor a liar for, and not a liar to self protect. Anton Chekhov seems to describe a confusion and not a hidden love of people, as gay guys have to do. This person Anton Chekhov writes of is hiding a something else and this Anton Chekhov desires not to describe it in writing. HINT HINT Fun but not gay-ish. But thanks to
      ψ ƊℯѵιԼ♥♂ we gets a thinking cap on about our lies in life and our hiding out (OH… hiding in).

    2. @ψ ƊℯѵιԼ♥♂

      Chekhov’s description here may be attributed to virtually every man on the planet (I can’t speak about women!) in one way or another; it is simply a truism of the male human condition. However, these hidden things we all keep are imposed both internally and externally – it is often only the balance of that imposition which varies between cultures.

      I suggest this is true, regardless of whatever specifics Chekhov himself may have been thinking of.

      However, in all my (many) years on this planet, I have never seen or heard this expressed more clearly, more succinctly, or more accurately than by Chekhov.

      Credit where it’s due.

  4. sry to ask off topic… but where did the like button go? it havent been on this site for like few months now

  5. You know looking at this picture, I cannot see that boy face, but he’s in his underwear, he has a nice body, he looks good in his underwear, he has a nice little bulge looks good and yummy.

  6. Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon You come and go, you come and go {BOY GEORGE, a public homo. song is 1983, CULTURE CLUB). They write that he says he wants it cut off so not to worry about homosexuality. The absurdity about castrating to avoid sex is that sex is also in the brain, not omly in the pressure in the groinal things, penis or not. ha ha ha

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