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  1. Definitely cute. I like the pattern and colors of his boxers, just don’t like the (cut) style.

    1. You’ve been unhappy with a lot of things on here lately. Why do you bother coming here anymore?

      1. @”George”
        “Why do you bother coming here anymore?”

        So I can read comments like this from numbskulls such as you?

    1. Relax, Nellie. Chill. Yeah, he’s a young teenager, with far less showing than if he were in his speedo at swim team practice. At least then he could show off his flowering adolescence. And because he’s a teenager, lost in thought on the deck of that boat, I can guarantee without any doubt whatsoever that he’s has one of just three things on his mind: sex with girls, sex with boys, or sex with both.

    2. @Marcasaurusrex:
      “…. where are the damn filters?”

      Which filters … for coffee? In the cupboard just above the drip brewer.

  2. If I have to look at giant, naked cocks, you can certainly look at the occasional 13yo in boxers.

    1. @Wolfboi:
      “If I have to look at giant, naked cocks …”

      And, you would prefer to not look at giant, naked cocks? :-))

  3. Hahahaha

    I just wanna comment against Penboy (and the like) over-commenting on what is sexy and what is not and ranting on his glory days aaall the time on every single post…

    …and definitely in favor of 13 year old boys on decks ;)

    1. @Pat:
      “I just wanna comment against Penboy (and the like) over-commenting on what is sexy and what is not …”

      Apparently, there are at least 3 others (just in this thread alone, so far) that feel the same way as I do about boxers v. briefs and what’s sexy or not.

      Don’t you want to comment against them for “over-commenting on what is sexy and what is not …”?


  4. What a beauty… This post made my day – which wasn’t bad anyhow! Thanks a million, Josh!

  5. A boy like that should be in a speedo. It is funny but even in former speedo hotspots like Italy you don’t see them much on the beach anymore. Bizarrely the place to see them is the Black Sea coast: Russia and Bulgaria etc.Maybe the homophobic Russians are so in touch with their sexuality that they are ok in a speedo. On the other hand it might be a virile hetero display of their bulge to any passing female.

    Oh well happy days…

  6. I like this guy. Nice color suit and showing himself off. I agree that the arguments above my thing should continue and such stuff NEEDS to continue. However quarrelsome it seems, this is what we need. Otherwise we get these watery ‘evertink ick OK’ stuff, as if it is really. Thanks to this all, you all, and, so, on, all for it at all. I am new from a long time ago to a site named milkboys. It is not on my list.

  7. I like the picture. Any with-held bodilessness, well, tough, he is cute anyway as he presents himself.
    I am glad you others are arguing about it. It shows you are alive. Too many sites are so touchy about words which might mean meanness and maybe which might mean something else. Why do we bother if we cannot quarrel? Thanks for the difference of opinion. Guns out and FIRE. I like this.

  8. I am glad you guys quarrel over all this. This seems like a live w\site. If we don’t get mean in debate, then, maybe, I think, we mean no thing or very little. I think shiny suit is cute and the shades suit him too. For not all dicks are just for show but hinted at and promised and so on. But a nice body and face you see all the time. . . . . or something like that. Oh, the photo lacks but he’ll show off iff one of us get down there

  9. I would very much prefer not to look at giant, naked cocks. Never understood the attraction. When I see giant breasts on a woman I can’t help but think of a cow. When I see a giant cock on a guy I also have my mind go to livestock. Don’t find it even slightly attractive.

    1. To each his own. I find cocks appealing, but then I also find small cocks appealing. Middle size cocks are also appealing. I guess I just like cocks. What’s a boy to do?

    2. @Wolfboi:
      “I would very much prefer not to look at giant, naked cocks. Never understood the attraction.

      I enjoy at least looking at them all, if not for “attraction,” then at least in amazement of how diverse evolution, nature and DNA makes all humans. Take male genitalia for example. :-D In nearly all separate species and subspecies of mammals (except humans and possibly primates — not so sure about primates), their male genitalia are usually the same size and shape (within a very small differential) and again, except for humans and primates, are encased in a fairly rigid sheath (their penises in their “normal” flaccid state).

      While I’m no biologist, I’m pretty sure it’s only primates and humans that have penises fully separate from their bodies. And primarily only humans that have such a diverse size, shape, angles and “feel” to their penises, either in flaccid or fully erect states. I find this in itself pretty amazing plus the “need” for humans to naturally want to view other humans’ genitalia (both male, female and trans*) to the point of obsession. This “obsession” can and usually drives our sense of natural curiosity towards other humans (be they male or female or trans*).

      Personally for me, I prefer one’s penis to be at least “visually proportional” to their bodies (and this is very difficult to describe for another’s understanding of it). Although I’ve been with ones who possess the “larger” varieties, I generally gravitate towards those (everything else being within “my tastes”) with more medium-sized and smaller-sized penises feeling that anything more than a “mouthful” is wasted :-D ).


      BTW, does anyone know why only humans’ and primates’ arms (including hands) are the same relative length (of all the two-legged “upright” mammals)? Are their any biologists here that can answer this in any genetic and/or social way?

      HINT: It’s not for feeding (think of the Tyrannosaurus Rex before you insist on saying to feed ourselves).

      [I’ll wait a bit before I offer what I believe is the answer to this. And if you seriously think about this, I feel you will probably agree.]


      “When I see giant breasts on a woman I can’t help but think of a cow.”

      OK, personally I tend to agree with that completly — as bags or sacks. If it’s necessary to look at female breasts, I most definitely prefer the smaller ones that are also more conical in shape and “stand out” and with nipples that don’t resemble cow’s teats.

      Again, why are only primate and human females endowed with breasts on the upper-chest area and not, as all other mammals, with teats (nipples) on the “lower” abdomen area? Any biologist that can answer this? [I don’t know and would be quite interested in at least some logical answer to this.]


      1. Clarification:
        “While I’m no biologist, I’m pretty sure it’s only primates and humans that have penises fully separate from their bodies.”

        By “fully separate,” I just mean they’re not encased within any sheath and they are “free hanging.” And I’m not talking about foreskins — although that in itself is an interesting question of how primates and humans evolved with no “rigid” sheath but instead have only foreskins “protecting” their penis glans.

        Any good answers to this as well?

  10. Can someone explain why my replies never go under the original post as a reply but rather seem to appear as separate posts?

  11. Has anyone asked themselves just who would be taking this photo of such a cute boy and where he/she was taking the photo? :-D


    joshua, just how do we get emoticons into this editor instead of the way passé method of using boring text?

      1. @zenji:

        Thank you. Do you also own the boat? Were you “joy riding”/sailing or fishing?

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