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    1. I think its simply shadow from his hair but it’s really more fun to think of it as a black eye and him saying “And you thought I couldn’t take you on?” LOL

  1. Well, the bright side of this is that you STARTED with “WONDERWEAR” …. a name I coined. :-) — Penboyforever

    1. You coined it? Really? How much did JoeBoxer pay you for it back in 2001 when they marketed the range? Or was it the intimate female apparel you were thinking of?

      1. “How much did JoeBoxer pay you for it back in 2001 when they marketed the range?”

        Jeez, just how fucking stupid are you at reading? ….. “WONDERWEAR” is the term “I coined” …. which is pretty fucking obvious by my post.

        What do they feed Aussies down there for stupidity?

  2. How about putting the NUMBER of comments on the front page for each thread like you used to?

      1. “Also an edit button?”

        Yes, I agree, at least immediately after a post — that’s what he used to have.

        Thanks for putting the number of comments on the front page.

    1. Day 1 and horsey already fried his brain from his church teachings …… that aussie idiot was just asking for it and proving his natural hatred ….. and can’t you read either?

      1. Hah. Definitely not an imposter then… Makes ludicrous claims – Check. Freaks out when someone points out that simple truth – Check.

      1. ❦Are you Finni too!
        I responded on the other page but if I messed it up…did em though.

        GԼAƊ Ƴ◎Ա’Ʀℇ ƁAℂƘ…Ü☞ ⓦⓔⓡⓔ ⓜⓘⓢⓢⓔⓓ

  3. yay! *milkboys* is back: this makes me all warm and fuzzy :)
    Wonderwear Wednesday *1 is a superb first image of Paweł
    i do rather like the tight yellow lem0n holders he is wearing…

  4. @Finistere
    ❦Yes, by now it’s a given.
    Him and OD are right back in their regular slots as if mb’s was never gone!
    Joy To The World & Tis the season.
    Happy Holidays at milkboys…ヅ

  5. If the dark eye is from an attack or a fight, send him here for protect. IF the dark eye is from paint, send him here for a protect from fauds. Do want like to protect this guy ! 🌞 ☮

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