Yup, Will from Stranger Things is probably, actually not straight

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The original description for Stranger Things character Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) may give a clue at Will’s sexuality. Screen Rant reports that the Duffer brothers’ notes when pitching the show to networks described Will as having “sexual identity issues.”

“WILL BYERS […] is a sweet, sensitive kid with sexual identity issues. He only recently came to the realization that he does not fit into 1980s definition of ‘normal.’ His innocent choices, such as his colorful clothes, prove a constant source of bullying. Like Mike, Will escapes through fantasy gaming, where he can be himself, uninhibited. He has a close relationship with his mother, Joyce. His brother, Jonathan, helps raise him in lieu of their father, who abandoned them four years ago,” the notes read.

The description appears to confirm a fan theory that Will is gay. However, it’s unclear if the original character description will follow into the show’s current storylines. Fans began to speculate about Will’s sexuality after season three saw his friends begin to embark on romantic storylines.

Lucas and Max enter an on-again-off-again romance. Eleven and Mike’s own romance has become irritating to Jim Hopper as the tweens only want to spend time alone together. Dustin is also smitten with a girl, Suzie, who he met at camp. In one season three scene, Will leaves Lucas and Mike when he grows tired of hearing them discuss their romantic relationships.

“It’s not my fault you don’t like girls,” Mike tells Will.

Some fans thought this alluded to Will being gay while other fans thought it meant Will just hadn’t grown an interest in romance like his friends had.

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  1. It is completely out of interest, whether this figure in the series is shown strait or gay or whatsoever. You have to ask the script guy how he wants to have this caracter seen. If he wants him gay, he will be gay in some later parts of the series. It can be instructed by the producing company, that they want the viewers to speculate. When they see in social media viewers are speculating abt this figure they never will make this clear. This holds viewers on this series. It’s a great business idea.

  2. Poor kid, whatever his sexual orientation or interrogation, I hope they let him live the rest of his kid’s life happily and don’t turn him into a sexualized beast in season 4.
    Will also spent some time alone in the Upside Down while his friends started developing romances, so he is still more of a kid than they are.

    And really, it’s all of them who wear colorful clothes and short shorts from the 80s in the show, not just Will. That could even be the last time we”ll see them in such shorts, I don’t think teenagers wore or would want to wear them at their age even in these years, but I am no specialist.

    I have this to say though: Gay or not, it is not humanly feasible for any of these young characters not to have at least a mild crush on Mike, Will included! ;)

  3. The ‘tweens’? These kids are all 16-17 years old. ‘Cept for Noah. I just watched my last season. The problem about a show about kids is that the kids grow up, and these did so quickly, and not for the better.

    1. If 25-30 year olds can be high school students then I’m sure they can be tweens. ;)

    2. Let’s not be overly dramatic here… when season 3 was filmed Noah Schnapp was 13 and Finn Wolfhard was 15. I don’t really see a problem with them playing kids that are a year or two younger than them. it’s called acting. You woudn’t go to see a play and expect the set to be real either.

      People love complaining about actors being “too old” but also love forgetting that filming with young kids is extremely complicated because there are strict child labor laws–and rightly so. You can’t have a 12-year-old on set for 12 hours like an adult.

      1. 13-and-a-half. ;D

        People are complaining cause they think there’s something more behind all aging-up than just ‘the younger the actor, the more technically difficult it is to shoot a series/movie’. Like, conservative moral reasons.

        1. Yeah and these people are paranoid. Why would Hollywood care? If a 16-year-old character has sex in a show or movie it doesn’t matter how old the actor is, the character will always be 16.

          The only reason to get upset about it is if you want to perv over an actual teenager and we all know that’s literally the only point this argument is actually about.

      2. If they don’t want to go through the difficult chore of casting and working with age-appropriate characters, then the characters should be written for the age of the actors available. No one is a good enough actor to fake the passage through puberty.

        1. Yeah right LOL. Actors can play aliens, zombies and serial killers but p u b e r t y is too hard! Good one. Y’all need to stop pretending this isn’t entirely about being upset you can’t goggle at kids young enough for your taste.

          1. You’re actually trying to shame us for finding teen boys adorable? No one is denying it so I don’t see what you’re trying to accomplish. Go back to your straight parade.This is milkboys, not beermen or winewomen. :D

  4. I found season 3 unsettling watching Mike in particular bopping around in short shorts and goofy hair when so obviously well up into his teens.
    But still, with all the other goofiness going on in the story – who cares?
    Stranger Things .. addictive as it ever was.


    1. PS
      Can totally relate to Will in his upset with Mike and not liking girls. An exact outline of one of my own experiences. No doubt in common with a few million other gay boys across the world and as it’s always been too. Changing childhood friendships as you grow up can most definitely be traumatic. Broken hearted at 13? Absolutely.
      Denigration of so called puppy love is bullshit.

  5. ***Spoiler Alert!***

    On episode 7 of season 3, Robin Buckley (ice cream girl) comes out as a lesbian to Steve Harrington. This is after they escape from the Russians and are vomiting the truth serum in the restroom of Startcourt mall.

  6. I’m surprised no one brought up the ‘relationship’ of Hayden Byerly [Jude] and Gavin MacIntosh [Connor] as “Jonnor”. They were only 2-3 years older than their characters and very nearly believable. Too bad for their fan base that their on- and off-screen ‘bromance’ just as quickly fizzled out. Seems there was some “bad blood” between their families. I really couldn’t get much more details than that.

    I’m still waiting for Hayden Byerly to “officially” come out — I’m sure he’s at least bi-sexual if not totally gay. And his Instagram? From what I’ve seen so far (at least 80%), there’s barely a single handful of images of him with his arm around some “girlfriend” (regardless of how many times he says he’s dating some girl) — yet there’s practically all of them with some other boy(s) and all smiles and laughter with the boys.

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