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  1. No comment … YET? Is Troye Sivan starting to lose his fan base? Well, that tattooed number above can certainly replace him in the looks department, alone.

  2. He’s a well-known pop singer promoting an open and very attractive gay lifestyle, perhaps to his own detriment. Can’t we give him credit for it or do we have to put him down even if straights don’t?

  3. I certainly give him credit. Troye (like some others of his generation) is normalizing gay or queer sexuality by living it publically and celebrating it in his art.

    The direction he’s moving suggests that, in not very many years, mainstream entertainment videos (or live performances) may depict complete nudity and even sex. Nijinsky came close 100 years ago, in more than one piece.

    Troye’s fans would love it. At a live event, the audience would likely participate quite actively. It wouldn’t be the first culture to embrace sexuality in public celebrations.

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