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  1. Yuzuru Hanyu is quite the beautiful and accomplished skater. But I have to wonder, just HOW does he communicate complex thoughts to his obviously American coach? The coach doesn’t appear to speak Japanese and Yuzuru seems as if he would struggle quite a bit speaking English.

    1. I think they speak skating. Really. I don’t know what the coach gets paid, but he probably can understand a bit of Spanish as well as Japanese, gets paid to understand it, and beyond the money wants to have understanding. The same for the athletes. We communicate with dogs, cats, etc. so with a lot of patience and luck, why not jocks :) Context is helpful. There is a big difference between expressing or understanding something in context and telling jokes or poetry or something philosophical. Actually, jokes and poetry, etc. are more understandable in context and with shared experience. Go to a sitar concert and watch the audience reactions. And, yes, much easier to understand the gist than to speak.
      Yuzuru sure has a stony face in the interview. Inscrutable.

  2. He might have a translator with him. And while he’s struggling a bit with speaking English, he probably understands it fairly well.

    His coach is Canadian btw.

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