Who hates Roseanne?

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The professional boycotters from the Christian hate group One Million Moms has one again risen from its boggy gully to take umbrage with pop culture, and this time they’re simply livid that the 2018 Roseanne reboot will be including a gender fluid character.

According to Fox News, the reboot will feature a new character — Roseanne’s nine-year-old grandson, Mark — who is “gender creative,” “sensitive,” and “effeminate.” The son of Darlene and David “displays qualities of both male and female young child traits.”

The group’s director, Monica Cole, sent out an email (see below), including a call to action to sign their boycott petition, “since the show is promoting gender dysphoria and purposefully confuses children.”

Earlier this year, One Million Moms went after Disney XD for featuring two boys kissing, a campaign that garnered 7,000 signatures. Not quite a million.

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  1. Ultimately, boycotts don’t work. If a show is good, people will watch it. Here in the USA, there is a fast food chain called Chik-fil-a. They came out against same sex marriage and there was a call to boycott them. Didn’t work. The lines are long for Chik-fil-a sandwiches at all times. I still won’t go there, but it must be good.

      1. I love MSG – it’s a prime ingredient in my locally famous dry rubs custom-crafted for pork ribs, beef roasts and chicken. Yummm.
        Chik-Fil-A never came out against gay marriage. Fake news. What did ‘happen’ was the intensely religious owner of the company made a personal (not corporate) contribution against it. BTW, he also closes his restaurants on Sunday, in obedience to the Sabbath.

        I don’t go to Chik-Fil-A; in fact I rarely patronize any fast-food burger or sandwich shops. I make killer burgers and surpassingly good sandwiches at home, thank you very much.

        Boycotts don’t work because they’re inherently silly and hypocritical. If you boycott a business because of the politics of its owner or manager, you usually end up hurting his employees, suppliers and vendors – many of whom probably support your position.

        There is an ongoing debate among gun owners whether we should patronize businesses that post “no weapons” signs. I think that’s a silly response to an incredibly stupid policy. I carry a concealed weapon everywhere I go except airports and federal government buildings or wherever else I might be scanned or wanded. Businesses have their policies, and I have mine, and my personal safety trumps their misinformed and dystopic paranoia.

        So, I boycott boycotts. I believe in freedom of speech and conscience. I’m a borderline libertarian, and I don’t want anyone to punish me for my beliefs. In turn, I won’t punish companies that might disagree now and then with my politics. That would be totalitarian. Excepting obedience to legitimate laws, compulsive conformity is evil, and I’ll have none of it.

      2. But besides all that…MSG is absolutely fine for people. There’s a great Mind of Chef episode (Season 1) where Harold McGee lays out why people think MSG is a problem. If you just don’t like the taste that’s one thing but if you’re concerned, you should google the video.

  2. “since the show is promoting gender dysphoria and purposefully confuses children.”

    I think that show is more likely confusing the religious right wing “adults.”

  3. Their arguments can be shut down with simple science: chromosomal male is not always male. Gender dysphoria is strongly correlated with intersex status, which and both of these are highly correlated with atypical prenatal testosterone exposure. So in other words, being intersex is natural, and being gender dysphoric is certainly understandable today given that males and females have less opportunities to differentiate themselves today than ever before.

    1. But you can’t argue with them. They are serenely certain that they have the right (gentle chuckle) of it and are not going to permit facts to stand in the way. They probably think the world is 6000 years old too.

      1. I was trying to find the actual quote and found it. According to this site the world was created on October 23rd 4004BC. I remember somewhere it was a Tuesday, (the world was created after all on the second day) and apparently, (although not on here) I read somewhere it was about 2pm. No idea what time zone that was? It must have been a mighty fine Lunch. Maybe the Divine started with Consomme, followed by Pate with granary bread, maybe followed by Salmon with lemon butter served with buttered asparagus, followed by Lemon Sorbet, a nice Steak with buttered drenched baked potatoes and cabbage/peas/carrots etc. A nice Pumpernickel on Rye with butter, appropriate Wines/Beers, a cheese platter followed by Profiteroles. Coffee and Mints followed by a Cognac and Cuban Cigars? Who wouldn’t want to create a world after that.?Afterwards some more Beer and Weed followed by a good hump? Here is the wacky world of Bible Thumpers!


        1. whiterabbit:
          You’re quite the chef (and server). :-) Would you be interested in a “sort-of” cook-off? I know I’ll have to “bone up” on my menu items — your menu is quite impressive. Although I’m sure you’ll stay away from Welsh rarebit?

          Thanks for that. A good read!

        2. Nobody’s going to heaven for salmon with lemon butter. We’re going for pizza, mac ‘n cheese, double decker PB & J sandwiches, and porterhouse steaks grilled char-rare over mesquite. Oh – and bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. And jerky. And chocolate.

          1. “Nobody’s going to heaven”

            Who the fuck is catering all that garbage into the sky?

            You should have left it at just THAT ONLY — because there is NO “heaven” … PERIOD.

  4. I say we start a petition to have them dumped into a deep hole with Westboro Baptist Church , then toss in the white supremacist / neo Nazi pin heads. Chuck the republican party on top of all it and build a great big BIGOT POT PIE.

    1. In other words a shite hole full of Turds. Can I throw in all Scottish Unionist Politicians, the British Government, the Churches, the Top Brass in the mix as well? Oh, Royals. Aristocrats, Celebrities, and Fashion Nazis who go on about other folks style but look like a tramp dragged through a hedge backwards? Flaming Hypocrites.

      1. I suspect that you are not Her Majesty’s good servant, and the Crown is not the focus of your loyalty and affection. That’s bad form.

        Now there, be a good gentleman. If you oppose this or that, be the loyal opposition, not the disloyal. God save the Queen.
        E II R … C III R … W V R … G VII R … forever ….

  5. Actually, I hate Roseanne. I had no idea they were doing a reboot and have no opinion on that. But Roseanne Barr is, in my opinion, the sole person most responsible for the ‘pedophile panic’ which emerged in the 1990s and continues to this day. Roseanne Barr went on every daytime talk show she could find and told the most graphic, disturbing tale of her father molesting her that had ever aired. Daytime talk show hosts and parents all joined together in chanting ‘children are not sexual creatures’ and started extending their idea of ‘children’ to cover people up to 18 and maybe a bit further.

    But then several YEARS later, Roseanne quietly said the stories were all totally false. She made them all up because she was angry at her father. But it was far, far too late for that. Nearly the whole of society had already been convinced that child abductions happen on an hourly basis and everyone had been put in the habit of every time they see a child or an image of a child, one of their very first thoughts is “I bet someone wants to rape that child.” Just look at any post of any kid online and see how long it takes someone to mention child rape. It’s profoundly disturbing how closely associated child rape has become with there mere presence of a child. And it’s Roseanne’s fault.

    1. ensocio:
      “But then several YEARS later, Roseanne quietly said the stories were all totally false. She made them all up because she was angry at her father. But it was far, far too late for that. Nearly the whole of society had already been convinced that child abductions happen on an hourly basis …”

      Look up: McMartin preschool trial.Accusations were made in 1983. Arrests and the pretrial investigation ran from 1984 to 1987, and the trial ran from 1987 to 1990.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Roseanne got her idea from this. And she knew what her influence would do to the American public (usually [95% of the time and people] totally ignorant about this topic)

  6. Why would anyone be surprised that Roseanne would include a genderfluid character in the new series?

    In the original they had multiple LGB characters before it was a normal thing to see in sit-coms… heck, Roseanne’s mother even came out of the closet towards the end of the series. An argument could even be made that Ellen might not have come out or Will & Grace might never have aired if Roseanne hadn’t paved the way first.

    Seems only natural for them to continue the trend when the new series comes out.

  7. i don’t like all these american shows where artificial hand clapping announce a gag. It doesn’t matter, what the story of this special show is. It’s the same pattern of show, which flood the tv. And – as this show relates to a special american problem – it’s even less interesting for the viewers here.

  8. I just posted 2 comments (replies). First one to whiterabbit and it’s “on hold” for moderation (?) — with NO links. Second one to ensocio which went through “as normal.”

    WHY is my first reply in “moderation” with NO links?

      1. From the “land of English” and you STILL don’t know how to write a competent sentence.

        What a fucking TROLL.

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