White Lies

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“Studies show that making out with your significant other before class helps you focus” – a lie told by Tarjei Sandvik Moe as Isak Valtersen in SKAM

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  1. Origially, oral exams are to find out it you can actually say what, out loud, what you write. Most do re-write and know nothing of what they write. The few scholars of any knowledge are of the kill. They die before their time. The arrvive with lasting treasures.— As 74 old Aristotle is a of a historiam amke, to he orally says to this this day, ” O Apologize. ” Enduigmnis His oral exam makes him exclaim his social sins. Socrates never is of any wrt to say oral, that he is sorry of any sorrow. 2500+ years later do queers still write and quote SOCETES as saying, aloud to the court. a way to say a round about a fuck you. THE APOLOGY is not about sorrow.

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