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  1. To me, it means nothing. A ‘sex’ means you either have a penis & testes or a vagina. Anything else, means you don’t have sex and you should be submitted for alien status. Don’t worry, Hollywood would hire such an individual for an Alien sequel (it would be No. 5 by now, right?).

    1. And yet not at all surprised by your intersex phobic comment right here. In fact, if you responded with an informed, friendly, or accepting voice I would assume someone was just poorly imitating you.

      1. “intersex phobic comment”

        Are you fucking serious? There was nothing phobic about what I said — only facts [before the alien comment.] And afterwords was just pure fun because I referenced human [and most mammals’] biology

        What humans actually define as sex[ual] — is exactly what I put forth — either you’re going to have a penis/testes combination or a vagina/uterus/etc for either pleasure or reproduction. To argue that is pure ignorance. One may change to the opposite, but the sexual goal is pragmatically the same.

        Or, was it just so you could attempt to denigrate me (which I suspect)?

        1. lol are YOU serious. You literally call intersex people aliens, and then say we don’t exist- THEN you are shocked that someone called you out on it? Stop being so easily offended and grow up.

          Intersex people have always existed, and the idea you believe otherwise show how much awareness needs to grow for intersex people.

  2. Thank you for posting this video. As an intersex guy myself, its great to see this finally get attention. With 1.7% of the population having some kind of intersex variation, and with doctors doing things like cutting of the clits of little girls, or burning medical records, and other disgusting forced surgeries it really is time we end all this, and allow intersex people to live rather than be erased by a society that historically erased us.

  3. Do not understand. XY is one thing. XX is another thing. What YOU do with YOUR what ever, whatever the whatever is, is another thing. The variety of XY and XX DNA irregularities, oddities, and rares still reveal only one, and, only, one thing —- a PHYSICAL HUMAN BEING. What the born BEING is a BECOMING, or, a becoming, is not genetic. Not such as beyond being HUMAN. THERE does any sex start, inter, outer, or, other wise, begin. To mean to this guy.
    — OH ! If my sex faves are intersex, so be it. Love tem and love them all. INTERSEUALLY or otherwise. 🍸😈♥♂
    — Still do not understand.

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