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  1. 😜Not his best pic by far…
    Most certainly all the fake moles are not real but his red cheeks are as he has rosacea.
    He’s got some very cute pics on Instagram.

  2. Not fake moles, the water is blocking the light from the flash. And he has that great boy flush that happens just before growing a beard

  3. 😁Thanks fer the crack Penboy, really missed em!
    Re. cheek flush, that may be but in his bio it does state that he’s got rosacea also…
    Be it a photo bug I would’ve rather had the clear water drops instead! He’s got some nice pics on Instagram as I mentioned; without the “fake moles”😜!

  4. NICE picture. IS this one a one or is this one a not ? Looks like a one to make a fantasy fun.

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