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  1. Is that water flowing out the back end of a bus?

    And, for “Wet Wednesday,” can you get any more conservative?

      1. Close, its Dylan Sprayberry in that abomination of a movie “Man of Steel”. He was playing 15yo Clark Kent in this scene where he pulls a school-bus from a crash in a river and his father, yet again, tried to teach him that his personal interests were more important than doing the right thing. He was probably the best thing about that movie and he was hardly in it.

          1. Conservative enough to get Horselips to, um, lose his blop.

            By the way, what a sticking out butt that is, there.

    1. I don’t know the boy, or the movie, but that is indeed a Bluebird School Bus! And I’m sure we Never had “drills” like this! LOL

      1. Can you imagine …….. “Students, we are going to drive this bus into a river just to find out how well all of you survive and escape the river. … Oh, yeah, did any of you bring your Speedos?”

  2. “By the way, what a sticking out butt that is, there.”

    Fairly new / not washed many times levis tend to do that — it’s not necessarily the actual body doing it.

  3. The poor dear. completely soaked. He’ll catch his death. I need to get him out of those wet clothes and dry him off with a fluffy towel. Or maybe just dry his hair and let the rest of him air dry.

  4. Definitely a very cute one. I’ll have to check out that movie. But, for “Superman [-teen?],” I still miss Tom Welling in Smallville. :-)

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